The Most Scenic Flight

These all look simply beautiful

Circling over London in a full holding pattern with at least 2 A380s with you in this pattern flying past you and other aircraft behind you within a minimum spacing (can be seen during the turns) and the City of London on the final with “Tower Bridge”, “The Shard”, “Big Ben”, “London Eye” and Wembly Stadium (and many other sighs of this amazing city) is just amazing :D

I wish you had a picture 😂

This image is copyrighted to me


Check this out… :)

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Whistles* seems a lot of beauty is outside my home country


Nice! Simply beautiful

New York City


You can also find the first of this series in the link below.

When I flew from Berlin TXL to Rotterdam RTM

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Looks beautiful and stunning :)

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That is beautiful. That is why I like #sunsetflyin’ and especially on #largewingletedjets

JFK-HKG on Cathay.

Wait till the flight info says you’re near Ulanbaatar and open the window!
The view in December is magnificent.

Yeah just open the window at cruising altitude…something tells me the flight attdenentd wouldn’t exactly be happy campers lol

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Departing San Diego

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Simply beautiful

DEN-SAN The Gand Canyon!


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