The Most Scenic Flight

I did a flight yesterday that Spirit Airlines operates, and it is the most scenic flight I have ever flew.

Flight Info
  • Route: KFLL-SPJC

  • Flight time: 5:20

  • Aircraft: A321 (Spirit Livery)

At the gate waiting to pushback

Takeoff runway 10L

Climbing to cruise

At FL330

Entering Peru with some beautiful scenery

Beginning my descent

On final runway 15

Smooth landing runway 15

Parked at the gate

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Wow, that is lovely :)

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Thanks there was a lot more scenery, but it would cross the photo limit!!!

You could have had one more…


Nice photos, AG!

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Please do not advertise the VA in the screenshot and videos category, it’s the second time, look at what Matt wrote yesterday 👆 (nice pics btw)


He’s not advertising, just saying that he flew the route for Spirit VA and if you want to apply he linked the thread. And trust me, I know it says that why it was closed, but if you saw that topic it was because the comments got REALLLY OUT OF HAND


DeerCrusher clearly wrote that VA advertisement (such as “apply now” etc…) must stay in the VA category and not in the Screenshot and videos. Yesterday the topic with the same advertisement message was closed. Just saying, I’m not the IFC police.

I know, but if you saw that topic it was because the comments got really out of hand there was an argument, I know it said that, but it was closed because of the comments. Trust me lol

I was just saying that the route I flew was from my route database

lol that thread wuz goin crazy

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No advertising was done in this post, there is an “If you want to” not a “Please join here today” No clue what your on about

s c e n e r y