The most realistic way to fly in IF

Hi there everyone,

Today I flew an A320 out of EGNX and did a circuit,
I had my screen resolution on Medium, terrain on low, and aircraft on Very high.

My visibility was 15km, noon, wind 145°, velocity 10kts, gusts 4kts, turbulence less than the 4kts gust mark, temperature 15(I think)

I started by going through an A320 cold and dark startup, obviously none applies to IF, but spending 10 minutes on the ground made me feel more bumps up in the air!

I then pretended to request push back and taxi, taxied SLOWLY while running through a flight plan.

I held short at runway 14 and requested departure, then holding 50% thrust to stabilise, I pushed it up to 74%

It is important to note that the HUD was turned off throughout the flight, this enabled me to feel the air running across the wings rather than seeing it on the HUD

I rotated at 135kts and climbed at 150kts, once past 1500ft I turned vs to 1500 and set HDG, then speed to 200, now turning around onto final, I realised that the final was lovely and realistic, without the HUD and feeling the wind, I really felt responsible for the plane’s actions.

I landed (a tad fast, need to practice without HUD) in EGNX, stopped reverse thrust at 60kts and taxied nice and slow back to the gate

I found that not changing the camera view from cockpit increased the immensity of the aircraft, at no point did it feel small, insignificant or unrealistic

So I recommend for the best experience you do all you can to follow real life procedures and techniques,

I hope you enjoy this style of flying as much as I did and continue to do!!!

Jules (for any details message me :)


Thank you for posting this, very nice and thought out. Sadly, the people who need this the most aren’t on the IFC. Nice post though.


Thanks @S_Olejniczak, I hope we can share it with the Devs and make sure everyone gets the best experience

One thing that would help is if the information bar with airspeeds and altitudes was at the top of the screen without HUD


Or functional instruments.

Seriously, this is why I can’t do cockpit view in this game. Those instruments being frozen in time is very disorienting.


Yeah it could be more clear, especially air and ground speed etc, but it worked pretty effectively for me for now

I understand but with the bar at the bottom I think you’ll find it’s easy enough

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I do these same techniques when I fly. Great post, many will find this helpful.


Thanks Nathan,
Have a good day

You too!

Can you briefly explain your cold and dark startup, please? I’m curious to see how you do yours.

Honestly, only use HUD for an ILS approach. Other than that, the instrument bar can do everything if you set it up correctly.

Nice to see how realistically you treat Infinite Flight. :) Do you also use checklists, and charts?


This will be a thing in Global with engine startup and shutdown. :)
Though im not so sure if they will incorporate core temp and all that good stuff.


This is my most anticipated feature…after global flight of course. Can’t wait to finally start my engines after pushback.

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It still triggers me that everything fly’s like it’s got an EFIS

Great post. I very much agree with the no HUD- I’ve gone to flying all aircraft without it unless the visibility is so bad that I’m not going to find the runway until too late. I’ve also found night time or sunrise/set is helpful because the runway lights make it easier to find by eye than daytime

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I want to fly without the HUD on but I find it difficult to judge the things like pitch and bank angles without it. I guess it just takes practice but its hard without instruments.


That’s true, fair point. I use the in-flight assistant app so it’ll verbally warn you about bank angle, as well as descent rate and glide slope on approach, so that helps. It also means you gotta be pretty strategic about what you include in the instrument toolbar on the bottom, and for sure it’s never ideal. Other than that it’s just putting in some hours that are uncomfortable until you get used to it but I recommend, it’s a fun challenge

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Hence the disorientation from having non-moving attitude indicators, speed bug, etc.


I do agree