The most painful shutdown

Recently, I’ve been experiencing an abnormal amount of lag when flying on live servers. If I’m at any airport (especially a busy one), the minute another plane loads, I get hit with a spike of lag and then my plane begins to shake rapidly. Like literally, after the lag the gear starts to twist and the wings start the flex up and down rapidly like a demon took over. While taxiing, if a plane loads around me, I get a lag spike and then the plane just suddenly jerks to the left and begins to take its own control while shaking rapidly. I wish I had a video but unfortunately I cannot screenrecord on a Samsung tablet. Even while landing just now, I had a lag spike after a plane loaded on the taxiway and my plane started shaking rapidly in mid air on final approach and slammed itself into the runway and then the game just shutdown. This is extremely frustrating because what’s the point of having live if I can’t use live without having to worry about braking so I don’t suddenly turn into another plane/runway or ending the flight so I don’t crash?

These are my settings:
Rendering: Medium
Resolution: Low
Texture: Medium
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit Frame: On

Device: Samsung Tab A 9.7

Proof: (1)

I have also been experiencing this as well on an Apple device, I tried clearing my scenery catche and deleting all my replay files. But that still didn’t work.

For you @Flying_Ryan I would start by turning Anti Aliasing off and doing what I did above to hopefully help your devices load in IF.

That’s all I got to say I hope someone else can further help you down the road. Hope your issue is resolved soon 😃.

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Hey there,

With my experience using Android devices, Anti Aliasing can be a hit or miss with each devcie and their graphics setting. Turning up the graphics slightly and the anti aliasing off may help you here.

I have a Tab A and it cannot handle multiplayer at all. I’d suggest reducing your aircraft count, and/or flying in quieter areas as much as possible.

Okay, thank you!

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I use my Tab A for ATC on training and my phone with live flights.


how did u add a clip loop?

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I’ve just added proof of how it looks just so I don’t sound crazy explaining it 😅

I converted the clip to a GIF.

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dang that look really bad what about you internet?

My internet is fine and my connection to the server is fine. I even tested it a couple times to make sure and it’s usually never the issue because IF always runs smoothly and never disconnects.

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