The most interesting TBM ever!

I think I found one of the most interesting planes on FR24 : OE-EMG. Now you might be asking yourself, « what’s so special about that plane? ».

Well, the answer is simple, this plane literally flew around the world in 26 flights and not only that but they always fly out of Klagenfurt which is beautiful. To top it all that plane is a TBM-930!

If you are looking to fly around the world in a TBM, well this is a great source of inspiration. Essentially, they flew across Russia and then crossed north into Anchorage. From there they crossed the US and Canada to cross the Atlantic Ocean via Iceland to then do a few more stops in Europe before coming back to Klagenfurt.

If flying around the world isn’t your thing, they also fly multiple short haul routes around Europe from their base in Klagenfurt. From Brac in Croatia to Frankfurt in Germany, it seems this plane has flown everywhere. If you’re looking to fly a GA route in Europe but don’t have ideas, this plane is great place to find some!

I didn’t post this in the FR24 findings thread because I feel like this finding deserves a topic of it’s own. I’m gonna go flying now!

This picture was taken in Quebec City in Canada when the plane did it’s world tour. Credit to



I wanna fly that 😥

Maybe I’ll look at the routes it has flown 🤔


That’s a lot of distance this bird has flown…

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For sure, you can find it’s latest flights here.

It says it did these flights almost a year ago

But still, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the flights.

Hmm. Interesting. I’ve been to Klagenfurt and seen it.

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It started on June 1st, and ended on July 10th to be exact

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That’s 1 month and 9/10 days 😜

Misread. 🤦‍♂️

I did some research and I found that the plane operates for Goldeck Flug, a charter company based in Austria. This means that most of the flights were done because someone asked the company to fly them somewhere.

I knew this happened, not which plane or where, really cool to know!
I think we have that livery in IF (not the same registration). So if you want to fly around the world and be realistic, great idea!

The closest we have to this plane are the Charcoal & Red Stripe liveries.

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