The Most Interesting Takeoff You Have Done

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IFPM bringing you back to the “The Most…” Series. Today’s topic will be: The Most Interesting Takeoff You Have Ever Completed.
I’ll go first by saying when I first started Infinite Flight I had absolutely no clue in the world how to fly an actual aircraft in this sim. So I took the 737 (I like smaller aircraft) and took off at KLAX…or I tried. I ended up going literally vertical for about five seconds before dive bombing a poor 747, filling the time with a couple of barrel rolls and one 360.
So what are you waiting for? @JoshFly8 this is right up your alley ;)


Yesterday I had landed, parked, taxied out again. In the meantime I moved to a different room, somehow this didn’t affect my calibration on the ground, well it sure did in the air. Noticed on takeoff the nose just wanted to skyrocket even at like 100kts, by the time i got in the air I was immediately into a stall, nose way up. I did not crash, nor was I ghosted, but I’ve been checking to see if I make the “funny IF screenshots” thread- there had to be witnesses…


Flew a C172 out of the 39000 foot runway at KEDW:) I took off and maintained about 100 feet while flying down the runway at 180 knots then went 30 degrees pitch. It was pretty funny


That’s what I’d do if I did that too 😂😂

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Taking off on a taxiway at 80 knots in a Q400 because the controller ignored me for 10 minutes and there were people on the runway


I have a feeling this could be filled with some lies but you do your own.

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Love this, so much.

I remember countless times I’ve done near verticals in the 757, 12,000fpm to 10K. 😅


I’ve done many but once upon Playground before updates I was at KSAN and for and it was windy. Then I took off in the A340 and some reason I was flying diagonally and still in the air and then straightened myself on I was off.

imageLike this?


Haha yeah nice shot, that’s pretty much it

That’s hilarious 😂

This always happens to me in an A380 at Big Bear


I remember my first takeoff on B747, with full throttle on a really big KLAX Runway, Then i started to climbing like 13000ft/m and wondered why am i losing speed 😂

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I had that same reaction haha like what in the world?

Yes, then i read tons of tutorials and now i know how to takeoff, cruise, land without violations

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Jus watched someoen do an almost vertical takeoff…sometimes I wonder if people’s goals on expert isn’t to takeoff and expierence realism, as it is to be fired by their virtual airline 😂


It happens. :)

As far as VA’s go though, a lot seem to go into insolvency before bad pilots can get fired, around here; anyway.


Once I was flying with my friend at EGLC on TS1, and I saw someone takeoff and swerve into the river. I thought that he was stupid, until my turn where the exact same thing happened to me. I reached rotate speed then I swerved to the left into the water. It turns out that the METAR was going crazy and there was like 140kts of wind.

I tired taking off once and was hit by 40 knot crosswind in Denver. Needless to say I crashed. It wasn’t so much the wind speed as it was the surprise of going from 0 knots to 40 in the time it took my wheels to lift off the ground.

I have 2 actually, the first, of course was my first take off I ever did, hopped right into a A380 and went 15000 fpm and realized, oh yeah I messed something up there… the second one was when I was online and let’s say a grade 1 didn’t properly know how to use atc, takes off in his cirrus, stalls, does a 90 degree turn, probably snaps his neck when he lands, I tail drag my 787 to try not to hit him then he throttled up just so he could get hit, bet some people found that amazing eh?

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