The Most Epic Caribbean Airlines Trip to Curaçao

Alrighty, it is time for me to head down to Curaçao 🇨🇼 where the joy and adventure begin. Can’t wait to see another island in the Caribbean that takes my delight into my soul as I make a connecting stop from Miami to Port-of-Spain at night and make the final flight the next day.

First Flight: Caribbean Airlines Flight 483 - 🇺🇸 Miami to Port-of-Spain 🇹🇹
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Destination: Piarco International Airport (TTPP)
Flight Time: 3hrs 43mins
Server: Expert

Welcome aboard Caribbean Airlines Flight 483 nonstop service to Port-of-Spain. Getting ready to board my first ride at Gate J10 at Miami International Airport. So excited 😁

And off we go!! What a fun fun fun, takeoff from a rare RWY 12. I expected RWY 8R for takeoff because I saw this aircraft took off from RWY 8R before irl. But that’s alright, at least we are headed for Port-of-Spain

Cruising at FL370. Take a look at the ocean and the land as we fly past Providenciales. Sadly, no meal given on this flight in economy class. At least, we have our own snacks to crave onboard.

Alrighty, it is dark and we are about to touch down on RWY 10 at Piarco Airport spotting the Crystal Air B77L, and the Southern Air DHL B77F at the cargo area.

And we arrived safely at Port-of-Spain from Miami. What a great flight, but no service, at least we craved on our own snacks. Time to spend a night at a hotel until the next morning.

Final Flight: Caribbean Airlines Flight 400 - 🇹🇹 Port-of-Spain to Curaçao 🇨🇼
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Piarco International Airport (TTPP)
Destination: Hato International Airport (TNCC)
Flight Time: 1hr 30mins
Server: Expert

Good Morning, as we board Gate 2 heading to Curaçao after a night of sleep. Let’s go and explore Curaçao

Off we go as we takeoff RWY 10 We are off to Curaçao

Cruising at FL340 above the Caribbean Ocean, as you can see Venezuela on the left. OH MAN, I feel like listening to music and enjoying the deep blue ocean.

Annd finally, we are about to touch down RWY 11 at Hato International Airport after just an 1 hour and a half in the air.

Oh man, we are here at the DUTCH ISLAND OF CURAÇAO 😎🌴🇨🇼. Let’s go and explore some Dutch Island cultures and enjoy some delicious breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner that is eaten in Curaçao.


This is halfway done because I’m gonna be going out to take my grandma to the Dentist. So, when I come back, I will finish details of this trip report.