The Most Enjoyable IFPM Future For YOU!

What’s up forum members!
IFPM bringing you back to the “The Most…” Series. Today’s version is going to be a bit different. IFPM is closing this series unfortunately so what you see here is the last! There seems to be a growing lack of interest.
So for our last “The Most…” series, we here at IFPM have decided to give you the option of deciding how we continue. You get to decide if you want us to maybe continue doing those specific series (vote in the poll below) or if you want us to stick to these types of series just differently done.
I don’t know! You guys are the beef, the amazing pilots that bring life to this forum and sim…you deserve to be heard from! Comment your wishes below, what you desire to see IFPM do in the future! This is an all hands on deck thread! The ones with the most likes will be viewed with more consideration. So what’s our final series episode?

“The Most Enjoyable IFPM Future for YOU!” What ya waiting for? Comment below my aviation family…

  • I think this series has worn itself out.
  • I love this series! Don’t remove it :(
  • I have a different plan…hehe

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Make sure you vote my fellow users! You get to decide what you want us to do…even if you want us to just focus on the Olympics and stop doing events and series we will take that into serious consideration.


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