The Most Enjoyable FlightCast Episode

What’s up forum members!
IFPM bringing you back to the “The Most…” Series. Today’s topic will be:
“The Most Enjoyable FlightCast Episode”. What with the 31 episodes and 32 coming shortly, I’m interested in seeing which one has impacted you the most.
I can firmly say Episode 28 made me feel so much closer to this community. The flight I had with Jason on his 1 Year Flight Anniversary Event I helped coordinate still brings warm memories back.

Your turn my forum friends…which episode has impacted you “the most”


I’ve listened to quite a few but I’d have to say my favorite was with special guest Jessie Roberts. His list of aircraft that he’s flown is impressive, not to mention the hilarious airborne training story with the Navy Seal guy 😂😂. Not to mention that Jason and Mark are class acts as well. It’s difficult to pick just one episode.


I have to agree with that assement 😂 They are all amazing. And since Mark joined as Co-Host it has only gone up in quality


I enjoyed the Airport editing episode, especially, but first anniversairy was brilliant, I love how they were literally making meetup plans on air :)


Which episode was that, I have listened to latest and first few episodes


Loved the Jessie Roberts episode and loving @Mark_Denton’s humour (humor for my friends on the other side of the pond!) ;-)


Dont think I have a favourite. Quite like ones where Mark and Jason just talk about the sin and updates.


Proably 28 or the mod con episode


I like the LiveFlight ones, Dev ones, Tom’s and ofcourse Airport editing one.


Episode 24. Enjoy!

LiveFlight one was very interesting

I was mentioned in episode 28 when Jason was talking about Toronto

lol I’ll have to relisten to that. The mods make fun of me for wanting to be in 😂 So you are lucky

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I was in the Facebook live stream when he showed the IFATC chat the very first comment he showed was my joke question to ask is it free 😂😂😂

Dang 😂 Start out isn’t something juicy lol…

The last one with Joe sitting on Mark’s lap was pretty good. And let’s not forget the cat who made it on LiveFlight, coconut.

Yes yes joe sitting in marks lap was one of the best moments

Are these videos or audio podcasts?

You haven’t heard of FlightCast, the one and only Infinite Flight Podcast? Well in that case I’m glad I created this thread :).
Go there and you can find all about FlightCast and about @jasonrosewell who is the podcast host. I can promise you it will not fail to be amazing 😂

Still fairly new here, only started flying live the other day. :-)

Thank you, I’ll check them out tomorrow!