The Most Breathtaking Photos Of Grounded Aircraft

You’ve probably seen photos and videos of grounded aircraft around the world, but I’d say these new photos top all of the previous ones.

Andy Luten flew in several helicopters across the United States to take these stunning photos:

Pinal Airpark

Kansas City - Symmetric Beauty

Tulsa Airport

As we completed our final orbit over TUL, we heard a very uncommon request to air traffic control. A plane was actually departing! We were in perfect position to capture the American 737 as it took to the skies. It was almost as if the departing 737 was meant to inspire its grounded sisters in the background, for these jets will fly again.

Houston Intercontinental

These are only 10 photos from Andy’s blog. Check out the rest here:


How could something so beautiful be so sad at the same time


Wow that’s crazy!

this is so sad yet so beautiful

(wow me and @anon79257371 typed the same thing at the same time)

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this is Satisfying


Those Deltas at MCI are lined up soo neatly. And those jetBlues make me very sad

Satifyingly sad

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Crazy times. Really is sad why those aircraft are all there but it’s a cool sight seeing so many of them lined up despite the sad reasoning why they are.

The situation currently at PDX right now.


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Looks like a lot of CTRL-C CTRL-V lol. It is still sad to see though

So beautiful yet so sad…

Wow! These are breathtaking, also a bit sad at the same time… The Kansas City ones is interesting. I’ve flown in and out of there all the time because I have relatives there. Weird to see the usually not so busy KC filled with aircraft…

At the risk of sounding way corny, the way those aircraft’s are situated is like a priceless work of art. It is beautifully sad, as mentioned in the earlier posts, and quoting Shannen Heartzs:

“And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise. Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength, more beautiful than ever before.”

It’s sad but also, beautiful! It’s still mostly sad though.

This is quite sad but beautiful shots!

It will be so satisfying to see them all slowly getting back to the air

Not as satisfying as seeing them doing a MITO (Minimum Interval Take Off), B-52Gs and KC-135As used to do them a lot in the good ol’ days of the Cold War

In that case i hope they all do a MITO to celebrate the return

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