The Most Beautiful Piece of Aviation History!

Hello Aviators! I give you one of the most beautiful Airliners ever made.
The Lockheed Super Constellation (The Connie) in all her glory. One of the last survivors other than Air Force One that has been fully restored. Enjoy! She is emotional…


70 years after her first flight, she’s still one of the most beautiful aircraft to grace the skies. Long live the Super Connie!

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Wow that is very beautiful indeed.

The 1049 was a gorgeous airliner at that time, even in nowadays it’s still strong and wonderful in aesthetics!

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Such a great aircraft! Although it looks very tail heavy and I keep thinking it’s gonna fall back into the tail while taxiing 😂

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What a beautiful and great aircraft!!
Though I think its tail looks a little strange…

One of the best looking aircraft out there! Shame this type’s surviving aircraft number is low

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I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to fly one of those.

Very different era of aviation.

I hope this one is preserved so future generations can enjoy it.

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