The most beautiful flight I have done!

So this is the first long haul flight I have done with the new update 21.1. And I have to say, I LOVE THE PEOPLE WHO WORKED ON THIS UPDATE WITH A PASSION. like LOOK at these pictures so beautiful. Anyway, This flight was done using the 77W with the American airlines livery on the expert server (Callsign United 999 heavy… I forgot to change it :( ). I took-off at 9:00am EST and landed 3:30pm EST. I was in aw for the whole ride by the beauty of this game. And correct me if I am wrong, there are changes to how light hits on the plane or there are texture changes with the American airlines livery because that plane was SHMOKING HOT.

At the gate


Taxi to 31R


Beautiful cruising



Touchdown! (Buttered it)

Parking at gate



The feeling is different with those 3D Airports.


What route did you fly looks like either JFK to New York or something

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its just a different level of beauty with the buildings

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Those a great pics !

But remember you’re in the beta… the update doesn’t exist yet (it may be confusing for some unknowledged people about the last news)

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It was from new york to london

21.1 adds some spice to the game, it’s definitely looking more realistic than ever! Surprising for a mobile flight simulator! Absolutely nicely beautiful pictures!!!

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