The Most Beautiful Departure Ever!

I want to present to you one of the most beautiful and scenic departures out there!

This was a Croatian Airlines A319-100 departure out of Split, Croatia. It was a particularly early morning, and I was lucky enough to experience the departure out of the airport during sunrise. With this being said, the early dawnlight created beautiful cinematic imagery.

This video can be found on my YouTube channel right here:

Here are some nice pictures of the departure:

The music used in this video is Eleven by C418


Well, I hope you enjoy it!


I really don’t think this belongs in #real-world-aviation:spotting. Can’t move it, though, have to wait for moderator approval as to not bypass that process.

Stunning stuff, though.


Thank you for letting me know! I tried to find the real world aviation category by itself, but could not find it lol. I will try to change it though! 😄👍


Okay I should be able to change the category now…

Edit: evermind cant change it lol

Lucky you getting to fly! My parents won’t let us fly anywhere because of the pandemic, which is probably for the best, but not flying is killing me.

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Oh this was like a month before the pandemic. Like literally a single month before it hit 😂😂so it was super interesting to see how things were compared to how they are no…

I added some nice photos of the flight above!

Thank you @Marc for changing the category!

Very beautiful view🤩

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Thank you!

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Very cool!

Thank you, I will try to make more!!

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