The Most Beautiful and Elegant First Class in the World - Air France La Premiere Review

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I’ve taken a variety of International First Class Products - AA’s Flagship First, KE, OZ, NH, LH, SQ, TG, CX, etc…

But after THIS experience, I can proudly say that Air France’s First Class, La Premiere (meaning ‘The First’ in French), is the best, most beautiful and elegant First Class product in the world.

AF has its La Premiere seats on its A380 and select B77W aircrafts, but as the A380’s ones are outdated, I recently took advantage to experience AF B77W’s La Premiere product.

As Air France does not release its First Class award space to its skyteam and other airline partners, the only option to book La Premiere by miles is using AF’s flying blue program. However one needs to be a Flying Blue Gold status or higher to book La Premiere, and after then, it costs 300k miles one way. As I was not a flying blue gold member, nor had 300k miles to spare, I had to book this journey by cash, which was the most expensive airplane ticket I purchased.

In order to lower the fare, I decided to originate in Tunisia, which allowed to save me at least $2000.
Upon arriving from Tunisia to CDG, I was picked up by a private limo, which took me to the spectacular La Premiere lounge. Note that this was ‘inside’ the airport, and I was able to enjoy the spectacular ramp views featuring tons of AF aircrafts and others.

Here goes the La Premiere suites (seats)! The 777 has only 4 La Premiere suites, which makes it sooo private. What’s more, the suites have individual curtains, which provides floor-to-ceiling privacy. So far, there are only two first class products which feature floor-to-ceiling privacy - Air France’s 77W and a 9 77Ws from Emirates.
Upon arriving at my seat, the La Premiere flight attendant introduced herself, providing me nuts and Krug champagne, one of the finest champagnes that retails about $300 a bottle.
Today’s in flight menu!
Boeing 777-300ER
Shortly after pushback, the safety video was screened: Which is the most elegant and chic safety videos currently. Such as…
“The seatbelt will elegantly highlight your waistline while seated”
“A non-smoking flight is simply chic”
Shortly after takeoff, meal-service started. Some beautifully prepared caviar was provided first:
Followed by some delicious pumpkin soup with peppers:

One thing I really liked about this flight was that the flight attendants provided explanation from ALL courses. As I was creating a youtube video, I was able to record some of the explanations with the consent of the flight attendant,
997BB9415D705A1A24 Followed by an appetizer, which was: “For the starter, we have melons, orange, yellow and green, with parma ham. Enjoy!”
“This salad has a Mediterranean taste. You have the greens, shrimps with the sauce vierge which comes from the islands, Over here is the Mediterranean side with the feta cheese and calamari olives. So there is a sauce based on vinegar and olive oil, over here is the duck breast with some herbs, and here is the pepper. You also have the traditional olive oil and balsamic vinegar vinaigrette, and over here, this is nut oil with berries. Please enjoy, sir”
99C9ED385D70605429 Then it was time for the main course. WOW. I thought this was a restaurant99CA2D335D707B7710 “So this is the Bouillabaisse, which means products from the sea. It’s a dish that comes from the Marseilles, the southwest. This one is with chantarelle mushrooms, you have white fish, shrimp, potatoes. And then you have the sauce of all the ingredients, and our chef is Regis Marcon. So for the Bouillabaisse, this is a quite umm… popular dish?”
The flight attendant also explained how this cuisine originated, such as it was from the Marseilles, and quite popular among fishermen. 99DA69345D707F2210 Then… the flight attendant ALSO offered me a second main course. This was the FIRST time I’ve ever offered additional main courses in an airplane. She totally tried her best to show France to me

One additional thing I was so moved as the champagne refills. At some point I was not really able to drink more champagne, so I asked her to stop refilling. What she said was…
“Mr. Choi, it is certainly fine not to drink the rest. But as an Air France La Premiere flight attendant, and as a French person, I cannot see the bubbles of the champagne to go away. Bubbles are the heart of champagne, and it is not possible for me as a French person to just see the bubbles to go. So I will continue to make the bubbles live, but it is totally okay to not drink at all”

WOW… 99EA3B355D707FC518 After the main course, a beautiful cheese plate was given, containing Camembert, comte PDO and Bleu d’Auvergne99BBF23E5D705BD926 And finally, the desert and three scoops of sorbet

Some random selfie 😅 9986A73F5D705CF626 The total meal service concluded about two hours after its start. However as this was a Hong Kong flight which took about 11 hours, it was totally fine. 99BDDE4B5D705BB927 8 hours to go! 996627355D705C8226 Upon changing to my PJs (provided by AF), a BEAUTIFUL and elegant bed was set. I slept for 5 hours non-stop! 99869F3F5D705CFC26 I woke up as it was time for breakfast. Note the curtains - full privacy! 99C0DE385D705D7F27 This was the part that amazed me the most: This is part of the conversation I had with the F/A.

FA: “Good morning Mr. Choi! How was your sleep?”
ME: “Great! Actually this was the best bed I’ve ever seen on a plane”
FA: “I’m so glad to hear that! Since we have only three passengers on this flight, we have one more portion of caviar. May I recommend you to start your breakfast with some caviar?”
ME: "Why not? That’s so nice of you!
FA: “Also why don’t you start a refreshing day with some refreshing champagne? Also champange fits well with caviar…”
ME: Umm… umm… ok, sure.

WOW. This is the first time in my life (again) I was offered caviar again. She truly tried to provide as much service she could do. Given that caviar is not something you can taste in everyday life, she really tried her best to give everything!
99C7C1385D705EF828 For my breakfast, I chose the French toast with some blueberries. While not as satisfying as my previous meal, it was fantastic. But next time, I’d rather choose the omelette 😄

Upon arrival at HK, we passed by a BA A380, And the La Premiere cabin when everybody has deplaned!

Upon arrival to HK, I was escorted by a ground staff who guided me through the crew customs & immigration lane, which was a breeze.

WOW. What a flight. I’ve never been so satisfied by a flight itself. The food, seat, and service was exactly perfect. They couldn’t have been so beautiful and elegant. The crew also tried their best to show ‘France’. As AF’s motto is ‘France is in the Air’, I truly agree with that.

The only downside is that… it is not usually bookable with miles, so I really X2 hope that I will have the opportunity to take Air France La Premiere again.

Thanks for reading!

*All photos have been taken by myself, and it is not permitted to repost without my permission. Thank you for your kind understanding.


this makes me feel poor

Beautiful, just Stunning. Must have been expensive


I feel really poor too.

At least you went to HK.


If you felt so, I’m very sorry… I was not meaning to deliver that emotion, but to share my experiences :(


Awesome review.

When you flew American’s Flagship First, did they offer you a “Caviar Tart” as a starter?

It was a domestic transcon flight (JFK-SFO) on its A321Ts, so I was not offered any sort of caviar at all. However I heard that they ‘occasionally’ offer caviar tarts in super long flights, like DFW (or was it LAX?) to SYD!

Ah, just wondering. They offer it on their long-haul Flagship First in their 77Ws from routes like DFW/LAX-HKG, LHR, etc.

LAX-SYD no longer has Flagship First after downgauging to the 789.

Anyways, I doubt the caviar on American’s FF can compare to Air France’s, lol.

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That’s cool! At least one US carrier serves caviar on its flights…
I was sort of underwhelmed by the A321T service as they even did not call me by the name lol

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Lucky you…

Is what everyone in IFC is saying

…Including me

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This just called me broke in 17 languages. Looks like you had a great time! The only time I’ve had a chance in a premium cabin was a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detriot while nonreving with a family member where we sat in BC a couple of years ago.


American is literally a hit or miss. You can have fantastic food, or the worst food. Amazing flight attendants that go out of the way to call you by name or the ones who simply do not enjoy their jobs.

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Wow, reading this makes me feel very poor.

Amazing review! Love the first class look, and nice to see it was on a 77W. It must’ve been expensive, but glad to see you liked it :)

Someday I’ll fly first class.


Oh yea, D1 is a pretty nice product. A couple of years ago probably means u’ve taken the reverse herringbone (A330 or 744) product. I personally think that’s better than the new suites 😃 And lucky you, I’ve never gotten an upgrade in my whole life!

Wow that is one of the most comprehensive reviews I’ve ever seen on the IFC! Those meals looked so good 🤤 🤤 🤤. Looks like you had a great time too! Thanks for sharing with us :D


Thanks for your kind words! Actually I have a longer one (but in another language tho) but I’ve just shared the ‘essentials’ 😄


I would have preferred this:

The seatbelt will prevent you from being tossed around the cabin
like a rag doll in the event of an accident

But the waistline thing is okay too I guess.

Lucky!!! I’m broke lol

I Go to a private school that’s tutition is 18 grand a year and everyone is rich there and I feel broke going there. But this makes me feel broke on a whole different level. I’ve literally never felt more broke in my life. Good report nonetheless

The closest I’ve been to first class is the front of the bus lol.

im just kdding

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🤣 That is beyond hilarious.

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