The Most Beautiful Airport In The World @ Innsbruck [LOWI]


Allow me to break up the inevitable stream of April Fools topics with some actual quality content.

Innsbruck is a tiny airport. More people pass through Hartsfield-Jackson in a single long weekend than the entire year in Innsbruck, but if you asked me which one I’d rather spot at I wouldn’t even blink - off to Austria we go.

The best part of Innsbruck is that it takes the photos for you. Even if you’re awful at plane spotting, Innsbruck makes you look good (I’m proof). If you go to Innsbruck and you still can’t get good photos, I’m sorry to say you may just have a skill issue.

There would be a Chinese Government Y-20 in this topic if @Transport_Hub didn’t decide to be weird and arrive a day after @Altaria55, @Kamryn, and I.

For those of you considering spotting here, do not go to the observation deck. It is a complete waste of time and portential.

Gear: Sony α7iii + Sony 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS & Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 VXD G2

Austrian A320-200 [OE-LBU] → Billund [EKBI]

Transavia 737-800 [PH-HXI] → Amsterdam [EHAM]

Air Dolomiti E195(LR) [I-ADJK] → Frankfurt [EDDF]

Austrian A320-200 [OE-LBQ] → Stockholm [ESSA]

Eurowings A320-200 [9H-EUS] → Copenhagen [EKCH]

Danish Air Transport A320-200 [OY-RUY] → Stockholm [ESSA]

Austrian E195(LR) [OE-LWE] → Vienna [LOWW]

SAS A320 NEO [SE-ROF] → Stockholm [ESSA]

Norwegian 737-800 [SE-RXC] → Copenhagen [EKCH]

TUI 737-800 [G-TAWV] ← Manchester [EGCC]

I don’t think this needs to be said, but this airport lands itself squarely into the S-Tier. It’s crazy to think that this isn’t even its final form, as the snowy scenery during the winter adds a whole new dimension. Of the airports I’ve spotted at, I’d say this is second behind only LAX (simply because the traffic difference and the fact that LAX has some really nice spots too).


I came into this fully expecting it to be an aprils fools joke

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I did it one year but then I was like nah, that’s dumb.


Proceeds to drop the most mid topic ever.

these shots are heat


You just mad because you posted an April Fool’s topic


i never posted an april fools topic

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Many thanks. Also amazing pictures

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these photos are the worst i’ve ever seen

he he

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Right you posted a BRICK OPS topic


Same, OP sucks at spotting.

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Very mountainous photos!


No these are the flat plains of Kansas idk what you’re talking about

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You said i misgendered you but JESUS 🫢 these are the best ive ever seen

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I feel like this might need some context for everyone else but it’s funnier without

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Innsbruck is truly the airport of all time


That scenery is incredible.

I call bull. If I went there my shots would be the most boring, crappy quality thing to ever exist.

Anyway amazing job as always!

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I’m pretty sure phone shots here on a cloudy day would be better than sunny camera shots at a wide variety of airports.


Yeah watch me mess that up too :) .

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Have you been there? It’s literally not possible. Like you cannot do it.

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Thanks for the new wallpapers

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Plans trip there immediately.

Well see about that. You’d be surprised by my incompetence.

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