The More You Know: Norwegian Operations in Argentina

Hello everyone, I thought I would make this topic quick to highlight a little know operation of Norwegian you can operate in Argentian today in the ATC region. This airline is Norwegian Air Argentina!

Owned by Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norwegian Air Argentina has bases Buenos Aires and Córdoba. They also operate under the same branding as Norwegian Air Shuttle, so they will have similar liveries, logos, and cabin interiors, although their aircraft are registered in Argentina. Currently, they have 3 737 aircraft in service and are planning to expand the fleet with additional 737 and 787 aircraft. They also have large ambitions to expand to trans-polar routes to Perth and even Singapore from Argentina using the 787.

Routes: There are plenty of route choices to choose today, all of them being under 3 hours. Their route map and aircraft used on certain routes can be found at the link below:

Conclusion: Hopefully this topic taught you something today that you may not have known, hopefully, some people will choose to operate with these unique routes and airline today in the ATC Schedule.


Norwegian Air Argentina’s first aircraft (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Pablo Diaz)


Buenos Aires-Singapore: 8580nm GCD

Buenos Aires-Perth: 6800nm GCD


Thank you! I was hoping someone in the IFC would bring this up 😂

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I just noticed that’s longer than Singapore’s 8285nm service from SIA to Newark. That’s insane.

Yes it will probably be the world’s new longest route

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