The Monster range of the A350-1000

Aer Lingus fly’s from Dublin to LA daily…

Yeah, the plane loaded to MTOW with a light load with more fuel then flown with no wind. That’s not what happens in airline operation, they’ll usually trade range for more payload.

What’s this airport?

Not for those ultra long range. They barely ever fill up the flight passenger wise. Also cargo weight varies depending on the product they are transporting. Most flights only fill up half the weight on their cargo capacity.

What I’m trying to say is that those theoretical maximum ranges are rarely realized due to the airline trading some fuel mass for payload mass. Without enough payload, they’re not going to make any money.

Actually if you do the math they can still get in a full payload of fuel along with a nearly full aircraft of passengers and cargo.

QF blocks somethings like 80 seats and takes no cargo out of DFW on their flights to SYD even though they’re well within the quoted range from Airbus by 1900 km.

The first A350-1000 hasnt even finished production yet.

Shiraz Shahid Dastgheib

A350-900 URL will have the longest range and it’ll be flying the longest distance, Singapore to NewYork and it takes roughly 19 hours depending on the weather.

Yep, then the 777-8 will come out and fly further, oh and by the way, Singapore Airlines will operate the ULR in an all business configuration, otherwise it wouldn’t make it.


Oh wait the -8 and 900ULR has same range 😐😐😐 777 same range but bigger 🤓🤓🤓

Airbus does have a few things up their sleeves. I wouldn’t be so sure, lots of things can happen between now and 2019.

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Is bigger better? You might not need that kind of capacity on some thinner routes. An existing 777X customer is wanting a A350-1000 ULR so they can exploit thinner ULH routes.

On certain cases bigger is better, but no one will use 8,700 nm for a flight since extra fuel can’t be used

I’m not sure if I understand what you’re trying to say. No airline will come close to 8700 NM due to manufacturers estimates being overly optimistic. But I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by extra fuel not being able to be used.

I wouldn’t exactly consider it to be done, they still gotta fit the engines.

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The a350 URL will fly further than the 777-8, I heard they can both fly for 19 hours but A350 URL will do better.

Ok, thank you,👍🏻