The Monarch Situation

It has been quite a while since I last made a post on the forum. I have to say, life has kept me very busy. However, because Monarch’s recent collapse was such big news, I decided to write a few reports.

I know that other people in the community have already posted about the events over the past few days:

But this report is a bit different. It covers absolutely everything you would need to know, including a timeline of events, advice for customers, consequences of the situation, a brief history of Monarch, contributing factors to their demise and much, much more. See for yourself.

In addition to that report, my team and I have been working on another report for many, many hours.

Using data from FlightRadar24 and Airport Webcams, we have created a regularly updated thread that details all the aircraft involved in repatriating 110,000 Monarch customers.

We have painstakingly searched through tons of flight data to provide up to date schedules and listings of all the flights being operated by over 30 different aircraft in one of the biggest peacetime efforts ever.

If you wish to know just about everything that has happened over the past two days, I recommend you check out these two articles. If you do so, I would be most grateful.

P.S. When I get spare time, I have several spotting trips and flight reviews to post on here :)

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This is the weirdest thing ever, I saw a Monarch 757 or a 321 (I can’t remember) this morning when I was walking to school. Strange?