The moment of truth

It’s not like it was years ago.

The situation has changed. On Android there are more air simulation options than on the computer.

We’re talking about the Flight Simulator, the Aerofly 2, the Xplane Mobile. Many alternatives.

I just want infinite flight not to lose the community. It’s the moment of truth, you have the option to lose many players or make changes that will keep people coming and going.

Infinite flight, you’ve never had a competition like this.


In terms of number IF is the largest mobile flight simulator.


Well said, and it is the truth. More competition has come and it’s time for Infinite Flight to try even harder than they already are!

If I’m not wrong, I read somewhere that RFS is bigger than Infinite Flight. It’s cheaper (even though it is a a lower quality) and has more cool features that people want. I think their strategy is to put quantity over quality - and boy is it working.

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Haha there is no competition 😂
Infinite Flight plays in another league :)

You can compare:

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I wouldnt be surprised it that changes soon. X-plane is already catching up in many aspects, first global now multiplayer. Meanwhile we dont even have basic cirrus clouds in IF which probably wont even come this update after 6 months of waiting


I think IF and Xplane are both great but it’s the community that keeps me in Infinite Flight it’s just somthing xplane is yet to have

True. I definitely think that Infinite Flight should hurry up with all these features, they somehow always take way longer than with other mobile flight simulators such as X-Plane 10 and RFS.

Yes, I know that RFS isn’t at such a good quality, but they are smart. X-plane is both.

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I’m shocked… RFS is larger than IF according to this site…

It could be because the app is cheap (only $0.99usd), and the subs are cheap (3.99usd).

Told you. Their strategy really works (releasing things that people really want)!


Infinite Flight almost certainly has more than 5000 downloads on Android


We’re confident in what we do and will continue down this great path that we’re on :)