The mods know what they are doing- don't tell them what to do!

Just addressing something I have seen,

Lately lots of people have been including instructions to mods in their posts. Examples:

‘Please close if duplicate’
This is not a feature request, so keep it here’

And many others I have seen.

The mods know what they are doing. Let them do the job, by not putting any of these sorts of messages. If you make a mistake, your post will be moved or closed, and the world keeps turning. Feel free to ask them for an explanation, they will happily explain to you. If they make a mistake, then you can help them along.


I agree why write close it if it ‘might’ be a duplicate. Don’t be lazy just check first.


Sometimes some topics don’t appear as how they’re searched, so people think they don’t exist and don’t look again.


Are you a Mod?

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Forum moderators have a shield next to their name.


You’re not a Mod. So this post is completely ironic in that if the Mods have an issue with something they don’t need you addressing the people of the forum for them - to quote you “let them do the job” and “the mods know what they are doing - don’t tell them what to do” How about you don’t tell the people of this community what to do.
Stop trying to police the forum. It’s a forum aka a place to share information. Its really not that serious.


What does help is when you welcome new users and direct them to the original so the mods don’t have to.


I kinda get the “Duplicate” part though. Not all searches bring back perfect results, and it isn’t hard to accidentally overlook an existing post. Sometimes headers are very obscure or even just wrong. I think we can ease up a little bit on duplicates where the poster has stated they tried but did not find the same in their search. We don’t want anybody to fear posting things. :)


Yes! Because some people get absolutely bashed when it’s a duplicate


No one gets bashed when they posts a duplicate. We just close it and link the original. No harm done, worse that will happen is that you’re told to search before posting and frankly, who cares?


Agree and that’s the way a forum should be, friendly and informational.

This topic was very arrogant coming from a non mod and quite frankly irritating.

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I couldn’t name a specific post but I’ve seen regulars bash new users about duplicates and be unwelcoming about it. In stead of saying “Hi! Welcome to the forums! Unfortunatly this is a duplicate post. Remember, search before posting! [link to other post]” instead sometimes I see “Duplicate. Search before you post”.


I´ve seen quite a lot of these type of answers on several posts.

Then flag it.

Yes, I did think about that sense of ironicness, and if you take this by a pinch of salt, so be it. You don’t have to listen to me, but you may soon find yourself speaking to the mods themselves, which if you want to stay here, you do.

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