The modern aircraft fuel jettisoning system

Take of weight of a aircraft is always higher than it’s landing weight and right after takeoff if there is an emergency that requires the aircraft to land immediately then the fuel jettisoning system Jett’s the fuel over water from each wing tip since the fuel is in the fuels tanks in the wings. To drop the weight with in safe parameters so the aircraft can land safely without the landing gear giving in on touchdown.


I fully endorse and support adding that as a feature.

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Is this a feature request or an informative post?

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Just an information post

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I think the latter

Awesome! Great post. :)

But thank god we don’t need to worry about fuel in this IF
Simulator… just take a deep breath calm down increase the sensitivity of ur controls and enjoy flying infinitely.

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Why would I increase sensitivity?

So it can be with a slight feel and more responsive and easier to control with less input on the controls.

If i’m cruising, i’m on autopilot. It will make nary a difference.

Same here I always have fun with the autopilot and I can relax my hands and just watch the chart until I arrive for inbound at my destination… then report my positions as I go then land.

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