The Moderator and The Airshow (Failed) (Kinda)

At an undisclosed airport, there once was an airshow performed by @AdamCallow in an Infinite Flight B757! The results were terrific!

On Final ready to land, Adam, not so much! Just escorting me!

Preparing to Grease then Landing and Adam trying not to get a new tail!

Uploading: InfiniteFlight-2022-07-22-23-36-59.JPG…
Adam trying to land near the crowd to impress the VIP guests

Parking Job was fantastic, though the CCX will need a new nose

What do you, the IFC think of Adams Airshow??


That’s super cool! And funny lol

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I didn’t expect it till I saw Adam behind me, and wondered what he was trying to do!

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😁😁 really cool, it made me laugh. Adam Airshow seemed to be great.

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He is indeed M-AGIC!!

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