The missionary trip Pt.1: Edenton-Norflok

The Rocky Hock Baptist Church (Edenton,Nc) team is going on a missionary mission to Azerbaijan!🇦🇿 (not true, i do go to Rocky Hock though). They need to take flights, duh! 😆

There is a person that has a private jet stored at EDE. They decide to take it to Norfolk! Then, they’ll get on commercial flights. Here is my experience!

We start taxi (after we left rainbow road lol) to the runway after we got everything loaded up. Everyone is scared but excited. I’m the exited one. One negative is we have to stay Newark/New york for a week. I’ll miss my family. When i come back, i’m going on a family trip. So MUCH trips!!!😆😄😃

As we start to takeoff, my body slings back cause of the speed. Luckily, i’m not throwing up on flights, cause i don’t. The person on the couch on this Challanger 350 is armed to go to the bathroom to throw up 🤮. I hate thattttttttt.

We takeoff, and the guy has not had his moment yet. He shouldn’t on a 10 minute flight. The takeoff was a little unstable, but the landing was the same. Mr.Pilot said that it was kinda windy in the NE’stern area. It was a soft couch, i totally did not change the subject😆👍

We get to over Washington county, And start a turn that at Flightplan had. We cruised at 10,500 feet since it was a short flight 🩳=✈️⌚️ (short=flightime)

We start our descent over Camden County, Nc. For the PQ teams (my town), Camden is {kinda} a rival in some sports. Mostly in volleyball, and that’s all i know. In this pic, We are around 8K feet at the time

As we get close to WPT CALEY on the 05 Aprroach, We put our gear down. We are in the Dismal Swamp area, I think. You can see planes sometimes, and it does that weird “hey car! i look like im not moving but i am” thingy.

“Welcome to short final, There’s a hard landing ahead, as we watch you land, We will find you working for ryanair” Excerpt from Everybody wants to rule the world—Tears for Fears. I was basically bound to ryanair. The truth is———i did 😿😿😭😭💔 my relationship is now over😭 (jk)

bison bison bison bison bison 🦬
intrusive thoughts for @United403 to hear

As we pull in, i see a guy taking photos with the “Signature flight support” shirt on. He takes photos of us pulling into the Flight support building. I say thank you. Next flight at 8:45Pm Headinn to Newark!

Those black cars are going to take us to Terminal B. Poor people have to drive on the roads, that’s crazy! ohhhh i’m joking, i don’t even have the money to fly on this! my mission friend must be a W or something

Be posted for Part 2!!

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Always true lol


ngl i judged started typing bison for some reason. my body is in its own world lol

i’m about to do the newark flight


Best of luck on the missionary. Hope God works in amazing things for your team while you’re there!

Great shots 👌


Nice pics! ;)

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thanks brother

“Last year 90% of our flights arrived on time”
More like:
“Last year 90% of our passengers were brutally tortured from our impact on landing”


Ping me when you fly I wanna do a leg.

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Also, you have to fly into DCA or I will be mad.

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alright, and i hope i can fly into dca, im planned to go to EWR if something happens. The leg in europe is going to be fun

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i’ll fly to DCA around 5:45

if you want to spawn in at ORF at B terminal

Flight to Dublin coming today!




zac bryan is not the best

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You might have made me mad 😡

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my bad lil bro

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I have a question is it okay if I use pic #9 as my profile picture

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Yep! go on!