The Miracle in the Great Northern Barrens!

This page will be an experiment in many ways. Enjoy the adventure!

The Server: Casual Server

The Time: 2200Z

The Place: Resolute Bay Airport

The Story: Southwest Airlines was experimenting with new international flights on their 737s. Rather than going south to the Caribbean, they are going north to the Barrens. This was the story of one of those flights.

Southwest Airlines Flight 765 has just taken off from Resolute Bay for a six-hour flight south to Dallas-Love Field. They will never expect the craziness ahead of them.

As we leave the airport’s vicinity, we see a marvelous Northern Sunrise.

Kugaaruk Airport is an unexpected stopover after we realized we had to have more fuel than expected.

The passengers get a big slice of unrealism when we takeoff…we pushed backed right onto the runway and took off!

Welcome back to the lonely skies of the Barrens!

Our first officer unknowingly shifts the rudder over while making some adjustments to the controls. We are now in a dive straight for the trees of Southwestern Ontario and Southeastern Manitoba.

The incredulously powerful first officer is able to get our plane out of the dive, line us up with a 2000 ft turf runway, and even butter/grease the landing! All of this was done by hand too! (This airport was Northwest Angle Airport in MN)

That is the amount of runway left by the time we stopped. Even I was clapping from my side of the screen!

We arrive at the terminal and the looks on everybody’s faces say it all…we made a miracle.

So, how was the new setup? How were the pictures? Feel free to tell me in the comments!

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I am happy this is in the casual server. Flying the Southwest 737 to Resolute is justified to some extent as we do not have the Air One 737-200. But nose diving it is not very nice. Nice pictures. Hope you do much better (dont sink).

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@Siddhansh When we were able to get out of the dive, we were several miles away from the Northwest Angle Airport in MN, so I hand flew it into the airport.

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I’ll support your playing around on the casual!! Lol

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@David_Driggers The casual server is where you can make mistakes and not embarrass yourself. That’s why most of my flights similar this one are performed on the CS.

Good enough. But why did you dive? Were you getting late for something?

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The rudder was having issues, but to be honest, I would be up until 11 PM our time if I landed this plane at Dallas.

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That is great to hear. Even I face many scheduling problems while flying.

Though i end the flight midway raher than diving.

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I might try that sometime… 🤔😉

Nice. I give it a 10/10 for being wise and doing this on casual.

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Yea I’m not the only one that flies to Resolute Bay. I fly there every now and then in the WestJet Q400 (IF of course).

Rip passengers. Thank you so much for doing this on casual though, that is exactly what the server is for

Are we even sure about that?

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