The Million Dollar Question

This is the million dollar question I think a lot of people hear (specially those who are in the industry)

So I felt like this be a great way to answer some of those questions, I have made this a wiki so others can add onto this.

So here’s some ways you can help pay for school!

  1. Your parents.
    If your parents have the funds to pay for you to attend school this is one way some people do it, when I started training my parents wanted to pay for it but I said no to them, I think working it off was a better way, but that’s my opinion lol

  2. Work!
    Yes! I work several jobs to pay for stuff (and still am saving up for my instrument and possibly my CFI still debating on which one I want to chase after first) A lot of pilots go this route working jobs. Several pilots I fly with did the same thing as me, Working on the ramp, snow plowing, starting a business, working at McDonalds ect (BTW If you work there they pay for college!)

  3. Loans
    This is another extremely common way people pay for their training, pulling out massive loans. I recommend you talk to people you trust financially to help you. You don’t want to get screwed.

  4. Company paid for
    Some companies are now paying for training, they have a minimum contract you sign so they get a good investment, mine was ganna be if they paid for my commercial I would have flown for a company for 2 years. though it didn’t work out over there. There’s also several companies (I know of) in the US that actually pay for their workers to go get their certificates and supports aviation!

  5. Military route
    In the US you can go to school paid for by the Military if you are able to get into the Military OR attend their flight schools. You do not have to be a pilot for the Military to pay for your school (at least in the US), as long as you are MOSQ (Your job qualified) for a year you should be good!

  6. Scholarships
    There are THOUSANDS of dollars out there for you to win! It takes some work to get them but you can go that way and get money while you are in training, this helps pay for your cost!

If anyone has any other ways feel free to add to this! Hopefully this helps you all out!


But…but…millennials dont work…

  1. Pay all of my bills in the future. (Want)
  2. Buy a decent, cheap house. (Need)
  3. Buy a long-live, cheap car. (Need)
  4. Save money for colleges/scholarships. (Want)
  5. Buy a phone that is supported with IF. (Want)
  6. And lastly, essential items for my life. (SO NEED)

I’m in the beginning stages of making a tiny house Lol


Haha, that’s great and i’v been looking for one to rent around Arizona!

I also take the city bus everywhere I go, is it weird that I have more hours towards a pilots license than a drivers license? Loans help me pay for the one but not the other 😜


Unless you’re a military pilot the military will not pay for your private certificate. The GI bill will pay for professional ratings afterwards though. Thought I’d throw in two cents

As you know, I’ve taken out a MASSIVE student loan to pay for all of Flight school. I hope to not use the entire thing, but at worst case scenario, I would hope to choose an airline that is paying a new hire bonus. That should recoup a lot of my training costs. After that, I plan to try to pay my student loan as quickly as possible.


We know how to make it happen with limited resources huh @Matthew_Brittain

Just like I put out there previously. If we want it, we will find a way to make it happen…

And humility will be our strongest ally.


Think you need say this louder to the people in the back


Here in Australia at University you don’t have to pay your student loans off till you get a job that can support yourself while also paying it off monthly


I pay my technical school off monthly, they gave me a six month grace period before I had to start paying my loan off


Those are excellent points.! I know many people who have gotten training from the military and is using the GI Bill to finish his ratings. And I also know people who do loans and paid for it out of pocket and he’s working for the airlines now.

Gibill right now is iffy since they’re cutting back on how much you can spend for training think they’re capping it at 25K

I’m planning on heading to the AF Academy where I have no school costs and I learn how to fly a plane without paying.

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