The Millennium Falcon

I know die hard Star Wars fans would like this to be added so I thought why not ask for it. So yeah the point of this request is for the millennium falcon to be added image


And how would this be integrated into IF? There is no way that monster could fit on the runways of KLAX or YSSY.


Lol, neat idea…but them had to change the whole flight physics for that, ( normal planes dont do hyper jumps,aye?)… So looots of work…after finish it would cost you the small amount of 100$ iap to get it…

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I could do the kessel run in twelve parsecs

Exactly @Jack_the_Nipper

it was already added in IF, they didn’t like it

from here


Moreover, its not a real aircraft. Its Fiction. Would not bring any realism in to the Sim


All I can say is don’t be the fun police

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Only one livery, not worth the effort.

Yeah I remember testing it, the physics were completely off… too slow, unresponsive. Glad they ditched the project back then.


No pleas no

The Force is strong on this topic. dush19 has joined the Dark Side.

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This is what he has been brainwashed by

Annual IF Global Races! C172 vs. Millennium Falcon!😂

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I think you mean Planck seconds.

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