The Military Aviation Museum

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Today we went to this awesome place called The Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, VA. The place has all sorts of old war birds, and many are actually operating, and fly frequently. Many of the aircraft have an interesting story behind them, and if you are in the aria it is a must see…


This was awesome this, or parts of it at least are from the aircraft involved in this,

Long story short, there were some 2,000 reptiles onboard the aircraft during it’s civilian life since it worked for a zoo. Then one engine failed, and the other one was sputtering, to make matters worse the gear jammed. The co ejected, and amazingly the pilot made a successful landing!

Various German Test Planes

Only the first one ever flew operationally as an unmanned bomb that was launched from a bomber…

The last one is also coal powered since they were running out of fuel…

Focke Wulf 190 A8

This one has a cool back story, it was found in a fresh water fjord in Norway, and will eventually be restored to flying condition, but is not currently…


In the background is a Junker that was in WWII, but the fore ground is what we want. I can’t rember the type, but it was in everyware from South America, to Africa, to Norfolk, and everywhere in between. After the war it was used to fairy people and fuel around Alaskan islands. (Like a 1960 @markstursy… 😂😂) Well at some point it fell into who knows who’s hands, and next ya know the U.S. Marshels were asking who’s plane it was because it was full of Drugs. Obviously no one told the Marshalls that they owned the plane full of drugs, and it went through a few people’s hands, and eventually was restored by the museum…

Blimp Plane

This may look like a piper cub to many, but this was actually involved in one of the coolest Aviation things ever. They would mount the blimp with a hook of sorts that the plane could dock with. They could then take the blimps great distances, and launch the planes when needed for reconnaissance, combat, or whatever.

The IF Super Decathlon

As we were leaving this beauty landed, the paint job is very similar to that of the IF one minus the stars on the wing…

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Awesome post!

Great to see all these beautiful birds on display, I hope you had an enjoyable trip. Thanks for sharing and keep up the awesome posts. 🙂


Yep, hardest part was the 10 pictures rule, there were so many awesome war birds. You know it is going to be good when the road leading to it has a sighn saying “caution low aircraft.”

If you are in the aria 100% visit!

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Also thanks for the compliment! Much appreciated I spent a while on that…

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Do you live in the area?

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No we were on a family reunion of sorts in the sand bridge aria if ya know whare that is…

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I’m from that area. Lots of military aviation there for sure. Between oceana master jet base, NAS Norfolk, and Langley, and Multiple other bases… I loved it.

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Ya, we tried to go spot at Oceana, but the wind was never right when it worked…

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Nice post !
I’ve read many articles about many aircraft museum accross U.S.A. Especially about my hobby to get more information about world war 2 aviation history.

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My primary residence is in the Pittsburgh aria if you can’t tell…

The plane in front of the JU is the PBY Catalina I think. 🤔

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Yes! That sounds right, thanks very much @Aceorbit!

There is a great spotting place where the 18s and 35s fly littlerally feet over your head, it’s right off of 264. I used to sit there after work sometimes and just get goose bumps.

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@David_Driggers Is that the one that is the gravel parming lot as you come around the bend?

Yes. Off oceana blvd

Yep, we tried there, but they were taking off twards us, still cool just not as cool…

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