The Military Aircraft are in disrepair

It’s no doubt that many people in infinite flight like flying the military aircraft but they haven’t been updated since 2013 except for the A-10
Which is not even a fighter jet it’s an anti-ground aircraft it’s sad that the F-18 F-16 F-22 C-17 C-130 and F-14 are in such bad shape there is no realism to them I would like the developers to address this If the military aircraft we’re just as good as the A-10 then they would be way better And as a sign note the blue angels are now getting a C1 30 J for fat Albert and the F-18 E super hornet for their demonstration aircraft


I agree the F-22 should get updated its a fun aircraft!

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I recommend taking a look through the features category and voting on the ones that you would love to see reworked or added the most.


For your convenience :^)


I totally agree with you on that one! I thought about it recently. Imagine how amazing it would be to have a detailed fighters with the actual sounds. They are so magnificent, its almost a disgrace in what state they are in right now. I understand that there are other priorities but I really hope they will give them a proper overhaul sooner rather than later.


Yeah we look we have the F-16 in the F 22 where is there where are their brothers the F-15 and F-35 And I mean look we have supersonic jets what is the afterburnerflame It also we have no bombers look at the B2 and the B1 would be pretty nice to fly then we could have like life flights with entire squads of military aircraft over Afghanistan fighters Bombers Refueling cargo and antitank And also I mean really we have the C-17 we have the C-130 but where is the C-5 super galaxy A Really the FA 18 this ain’t the 1990s Even the blue angels are getting the C 130 J And F-18 E SUPER HORNETS

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We definitely need the F-35, a new kind of military server, amd especially a P-8 poseidon (Preferably in the RAAF livery because I am aussie :p)

F-22 for the win

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I love the Spitfire, as it’s the world’s best warbird during WWII.

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Do you know how some people have like requested feature request for like missiles and bombs to be working maybe if we had a military server we could do dogfighting in bombing operations with real firing missiles and bombs and guns from the military aircraft

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I dislike that Fighter jet maneuvers are prohibited near airports if we had the blue angels and Thunderbirds livery’s It would stink to not be able to do maneuvers near airports or have virtual air shows

Or just use the Casual Server 🤷‍♂️


That’s the thing: IT’S FREE

Let me give you the story on why military is so neglected in IF.

Back in the pre-global days, military aircraft were a big thing for IF. People wanted them so bad that the staff put them in. What happened soon after is a combination of IF staff and player behavior with said aircraft. On the staff’s end, they, in my opinion, are more focused more like bias (in my opinion) on Commercial Aircraft such as Airbus and Boeing as well as General Aviation. They frankly don’t really care about military av like fighter jets as the second type of people (immature people) tend to troll them and drive them to crazily unrealistic proportions.

They frankly want IF to be more like a Commercial and General Av type flight simulator and probably want to leave the fighter jets and military aircraft to DCS and AC7. In the current climate we have on live, AKA the constant amount of F-22 trollers who are exploiting the glitches in the F-22. For example, such as the ability to go into space or to Mach 10.

Most likely they will want to eventually phase out military av, maybe save for the C-130 and C-17 which they most likely would only have in due time. That is just my opinion, I really am not 100% keen on IF LLC’s interests into their military lineup, so anything can happen. That is what I have gathered from the staff members just through how they talk about it both in real life and on the IFC. In the end, really if we are going to get reworks and additions in military, we would have to really lobby the IF staff to do it. I bet you that they would rather do anything for civil aviation as opposed to military.

Edit: Okay, they will keep the A-10, as they literally reworked that. However, the only reason the A-10 got a rework was because it was in such bad condition that it was actually unflyable in IF.


Close air support aircraft you mean?

Well I mean CAS and AG are basically the same thing. Look at the A-10 and AC-130.

Yeah there both CAS and I don’t think anti ground is a thing.

Yes and no. You can really just call them either CAS or Anti Ground. There is no difference between the two.

Anti-ground isn’t a thing

They both can take out ground targets, can they not? Just let them say Anti-Ground, no need to correct them for a thing as petty as that.