The Military Aircraft are in disrepair

But how awesome would this be

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I see. The reworked F-14, F-16 and the F-22 should feature afterburners to make the flight physics even more realistic. The animated opening and closing canopies of these planes should also be added just like the reworked A-10, which as reworked in 2018.

It is a Fighter haha… only because it flies subsonic and has almost no Dogfight Capabilities dont stops it from beeing a fighter…

The A10 is a tricky but gread Aircraft to fly

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The A-10 is also a fighter, but it’s known as a fighter-bomber, so it has more ground attack performance than dogfight performance, so it’s known as a fighter-bomber.
The word “Thunderbolt” was reused after the P-47 Thunderbolt which always used during WWII.

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thats actually not true. the real reason behind the A10 getting a rework was because of its cockpit. They tested the Ability of the Implementation of livecockpit with the A10.
and its absolutely not the Devs wish to phase Mil Av ou.t, but we all know how the Majority of the Community reacts when they start working on Military.
but I still hope we get them all reworked, started with the C-17 and the F/A18

yeah I know, I love the A10… saw it in Action in Real Life, and fly it regularly on IF

I would like to see the reworked Spitfire with animated cockpit, pilot and manually operated sliding cockpit. Once the Spitfire is fully reworked, I will fly it along with the A-10.
See this topic for more information about reworking the Spitfire:

It is a disgrace that the military planes are in the state that they are in especially when they are all planes used the are based of Us Air Force and the Navy aircraft. Which has the single greatest air power of any nation 🇺🇸

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Another thing we have cargo planes the sea 1:30 in the C-17 we have fighter planes the F-14 F-22 F-16 F-18 and hopefully in the Future the F-35 F-15 and Eurofighter Typhoon among others We have close air support planes the A-10 and AC-130 but when all else fails the plane simulators missing and needs to get is the strategic bombers of the United States Air Force the long range B-52 the supersonic B-1b and the stealth B2

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And in the current state military aircraft are in there almost impossible to land without crashing

I could see it in the future, but as of now, I think they have other priorities. Things such as:

  • Clouds
  • A330 Rework
  • 757/767 Rework
  • 747 Rework
  • Project Metal

The other issue is that not many people use them. I understand that you may use them often, but not many others do.

Think about it this way. Is it better for IF to work on a plane that 90% of people want, or one that only 10% (made up percentages)? They will obviously choose the one that most people want, but they will eventually get to the less wanted one.

I’m neither for or opposed to this movement, and I’d appreciate it if people don’t “attack” me for speaking my opinion.



What is project Metal @Alec ?

Project Metal is a rework the basis of the sim. It rewrites all the code, and makes it more efficient (essentially).

IFC Topic:

ya thx C: I will read over it

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Bit of practise, nail the speeds during your approach and the landings will be on point 👌

Even on the expert server.

At least the C-130 and Kc-10 are decent

They’re pretty good just need live cockpits

It is time for the mil community in here to sound off. We need to be heard like afterburners on a combat ascent.

We should let our voice be heard and not be satisfied with the current state of military aircraft in this sim. We represent the community to and we have a voice.

I challenge you to bump all these reworks for the mil community daily. We can be peaceful but we can be loud🗣🎙. Be heard be loud.

#savemilaviation #votekc10 #voteF16 #voteC17 #voteF18 #voteF22 #vote130 #votewarbird


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