The Mighty Raptor

Even more shots I’ve got of the F22 Raptor from Oshkosh. (I’m loaded with them) Yes I know I’ve shared one before but I edited the lighting. The other two are new! Enjoy!


Now matter how many times I see that formation, I’m still impressed. And it looks even better in person! Great photos, my photos of the formation were so bad.

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When you lie on your rèsumè but still get the job:


I got some shots from that formation as well! Oshkosh was the best week of my life. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Great shots.

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Keep them coming!

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So much freedom!!

I was there too, it was a breathtaking sight.


Great Job. Lovely 🤩

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😂🤣😂. That’s hilarious

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