The Mighty Dragon

Hello, IFC!

In the past months, I have frequently visited Issy Les Moulineaux heliport (LFPI) to photograph helicopters. It’s a fun place to be and easy access from anywhere.

And every time I went, I saw it, the Dragon. Every. Single. Time.

The Dragon refers to the Sécurité Civile’s helicopters, that fly with the callsign ‘DRAGON’. These helicopters are located all around France and perform rescues in difficult situations, where traditional firefighters/police/EMS cannot go. These helicopters are operated by a team of highly specialized individuals that are certified pilots, emergency responders, firefighters, medics, etc.

You can learn more about these people here. (French)

To honor this team and their wonderful work, here are some pictures of DRAGON75, the team protecting Paris and its surroundings. They are equipped with EC145 helicopters and perform dozens of rescues weekly.

F-HSOM coming back from a rescue with a victim in the back.

F-HSOM taking off for a morning mission

The helicopters are flashy yellow and always clean but very hard to get good lighting with due to their color :/

F-ZBPN and a cool reflection

F-ZBPN and a rainbow

Evening light reflecting in the windows

The Dragon taking a shower

That’s it for today.

Thank you very much to these brave people for doing what they do!

Thank you to you for reading this topic

See you next time



Very nice pictures!

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That banana helicopter looks amazing


Thank you to both of you!


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