The Mexican state of Baja California in 10 replay screenshots



It was on an overnighter yesterday from Mexico to Japan that I noticed this lovely looking area from the sky - the Mexican state of Baja California. It literally means “Lower California” as it falls just south of the U.S state itself and decided to head out there on an exploration flight today on the casual server - it didn’t disappoint!

Departing out of Los Cabos MMSD, the Bombardier in the house colours lifted off and flew the full length of the state right up to Tijuana just south of the border with San Diego with some turns and a bit of sightseeing in between as well.

The landscape and scenery was very diverse - a concentrated mix of dry desert, mountains, greenery, water and sandy beaches.

I’m looking forward to another trip out around the area again soon further north into U.S California for some more exploration!

Notes: As always, no hard editing was done to the photos, just some personal preference slight changes to the light and contrast and working with what is available – nothing fake added or taken away.

Good times!



Flew out here a few weeks ago. This topic describes the experience perfectly. It’s an amazing area, aand you brought it out well, lovely shots as always!

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Thank you mate, much appreciated!

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Such a cool scenery. Not like most other places I must say, but really impressive. Thanks for sharing!


Nice shots and scenery!

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