The Memorable Miami Fly-Out

Welcome to The Memorable Miami Fly-Out! Come to this event to make lots of wonderful memories and fill up this beautiful city!

Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D9 - - - -
D7 American Aruba A319 @Crunchymonkey12345
D15 American St. Croix A319
D16 American New Orleans A319
D22 American Medellin A319
D23 American St. Thomas A319
D26 American Tampa A319 @whyevenbothernaming
D27 American Louisville A319
D28 American Eagle/Vail A319
D33 American Raleigh A319
D36 American Cozumel A319
D41 American Santo Domingo A319
D42 American Santa Clara A319
D45 American Havana A319
D53 American Port-au-prince A319
D17 American Detroit A320
D20 American Cleveland A320
D24 American St. Lucia A320
D34 American Nashville A320
D43 American Richmond A320
D49 American Houston A320 @ElYuainXD
D50 American Nashville A320
D1 American Dallas A321
D14 American Phoenix A321
D47 American San Diego A321
D48 American Boston A321
D51 American Orange County A321
D5A American New York-LGA B738 @Dale_Green
D6 American Washington National B738 @Captain_Lufty
D19 American Kingston B738
D21 American Port of Spain B738
D25 American Kansas City B738
D30 American Milwaukee B738
D31 American Denver B738
D32 American Newark B738
D37 American Cali B738 @NonStopsAviation
D38 American Belize City B738 @Bay_Area_Aviation
D40 American San Juan B738
D44 American Indianapolis B738
D46 American Seattle B738
D55 American Providenciales B738
D39 American Barbados B752
D8A American New York-JFK B752 [RETRO] @MPH258
D2 American Los Angeles B772
D4A American New York-JFK B772 @YAWSpeed
D3 American Chicago B788 @AmericanB772
D60F American Georgetown CRJ2
D60G American Tortola CRJ2
D60B American Columbia SC CRJ7
D60D American Tallahassee CRJ7
D60E American Chattanooga CRJ7
D60C American Albany E175
D60H American Lexington E175
D60J American Freeport E175
D60K American North Eleuthera E175
D60L American Oklahoma City E175
D60M American Des Moines E175
D60N American Govenor’s Harbour E175
D60P American Greensboro E175
D60Q American Asheville E175
D60R American Madison E175
D60V American Wichita E175
D60W American Wilmington NC E175
Concourse E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E2 American Tegucigalpa A319
E3 American San Salvador A319
E4 American Nassau E175
E5 American Punta Cana B738
E6A British Airways London Heathrow A380
E7 American St. Marteen B738
E9 American London B77W
E10 Iberia Madrid A359
E11A American Paris B772 @Prestoni
E20 American St. Kitts B738
E21 American Puerto Plata A319
E22 Finnair Helsinki A359
E23 American Buenos Aires B772
E24 American Sao-Paulo B77W
E25 American Santiago B789
E27 American Lima B788
E28 American Rio Je Janeiro B77W
E29 British Airways London Heathrow B77W
E30 American Madrid B789
E31 American Bermunda A319 @Bigswagster47
E33 American Montego Bay B738
Concourse F
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F3 Cayman airways Cayman Brac B738
F4 Cayman Airways Grand Cayman B738 @FoJosiah
F5 Porter Toronto Pearson E190 @PorterVirtual
F6 Porter Toronto Pearson E190 @PorterVirtual
F7 Porter Toronto Pearson E190 @PorterVirtual
F8 Porter Toronto Pearson E190 @PorterVirtual
F9 Royal Air Maroc Casablanca B788
F10 Jetblue New York JFK A321
F11 Volaris San Pedro Sula A319
F12 Volaris Mexico City A319
F14A TAP Lisbon A339 @CEEKAYDA_97
F15 LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw-Chopin B788
F16A French Bee Paris-Orly A359
F17 ITA Airways Rome-Fiumicino A359 @united403
F18A Aer Lingus Dublin A333
F19 Jetblue Boston A320
F20 Air Transat Montreal A321
F23 Norse Atlantic London Gatwick B789
Concourse G
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
G4 United Denver B738
G5 United Houston A320
G6 United Newark B738
G7 United Washington Dulles B739
G8 Sun Country Minneapolis B738 @deltaoutofdca
G9 Frontier Cinncinnati A320
G10 Frontier Philadelphia A321
G11 Frontier Cancun A320
G12 Frontier San Juan A321
G14 Eastern Airlines Santo Domingo B772
G15 Bahamasair Nassua B737
G16 Bahamasair San Salvador Bahamas B737
G19 United Chicago B739
Concourse H
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
H3A Aerolineas Argentinas Buenos Aires A333
H4 GOL Brasília B738
H5 Aeromexico Mexico City B738 @PelayoVA
H6 Delta Atlanta B757 @cedricflys
H7 Southwest Houston Hobby B738
H8A Turkish Airlines Istanbul A333
H9 Southwest Chicago Midway B738
H10 Delta Boston A320 @Tharealjaay
H10A KLM Amsterdam B789
H11 Delta Salt Lake City B739
H12 Delta Detroit A321
H14 Delta Minneapolis A321
H15 Delta Raleigh A319
H15A Air France Paris B77W @LaTrixtance
H17 Delta New York JFK B739
Concourse J
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
J2 Air Canada Montreal BCS3
J3 Caribbean Airlines Port of Spain B738 @CVG_Pilot
J4 Air Canada Toronto A321
J5 Emirates Dubai B77W
J7A Lufthansa Franfurt A359
J8 Copa Panama City B738 @MarioIsaguirre
J10 Avianca Bogata A320
J11A Lufthansa Munich A359
J12 Austrian Airlines Vienna B772
J14 Latam Quito A319
J15 Tap Lisbon A339
J16 Royal Air Moroc Casablanca B789
J17 Latam São Paulo B789
J17A British Airways London Heathrow A380 @Ben_Walsh
J18 Swiss Zurich B77W
J50 El Al Tel Aviv B78X
J51 SAS Copenhagen A333
J52 SAS Stockholm-Arlanda A333
Western U Cargo
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
W60A Atlas Air Cargo 748 Portland @OV-099
W66 Atlas Air 744 Denver
W68 Atlas Air Cargo 748 Quito
W70 Atlas Air Cargo 748 Los Angeles
W73 Atlas Air Cargo 748 Chicago
W75 Atlas Air Cargo 748 Frankfurt
W77 Atlas Air Cargo 748 Sao Paulo
W82 Atlas Air Cargo 748 Dallas
Eastern U
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
W41 LanCargo 77F Lima
W42 LanCargo 77F Santiago
W43 LanCargo 77F Rio De Janeiro
W45 Eva Air Cargo 77F Anchorage
W47 Korean Air Cargo 77F New York
W49 Turkish Cargo 77F Instanbul
W51 Qatar Cargo 77F Los Angeles
W52 Qatar Cargo 77F Tampa
W53 Lufthansa Cargo 77F Leipzig
W56 LanCargo 77F Quito
W57 LanCargo 77F London Stansted
W59 LanCargo 77F La Paz
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 Fedex 77F Seattle
02 Fedex MD11 Newark
03 Fedex 77F Frankfurt
04 Fedex MD11 Los Angeles
05 Fedex Express C208 Key West
06 Fedex Express C208 Daytona Beach
07 Fedex Express C208 St Petersburg
08 Fedex Express C208 Fort Meyers

Thank you to @Prestoni for giving me to perms to use the The Mega Miami Fly Out 2MAR24 Gates and thank you to @United403 for creating those gates!

Ground Tower ATIS Director Departure
@FxK27 @FxK27 @Fxk27 - -

  • If there is no ATC, use UNICOM well!
  • Be kind!
  • Have fun!
  • I am not responsible for any violations received.
    If you would like to sponsor this event and you are a VA/VO, please reach out!

This Please

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Yup! Thanks for the gate assignments, by the way.

@AmericanB772 I see you clicked going! Would you like to reserve a gate?

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Your damn right I’m going, I will take D3 please!

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@CedricFlys I see you clicked going! Would you like to reserve a gate?

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Can I take this one?

Can I have F7 please

100 percent!

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Yes! Wow, this is happening fast!

No wait I didn’t look at all the flights can I have lan cargo to my home airport of egss aka london stansted please sorry for changing my mind lol

Okay! Just to confirm, Norse Atlantic, correct?

Everyone love’s Florida events! I’m actually flying to Orlando irl rn! You are a good event creator, you should create more @Delta174J!

Got one for you @Mort!

Thank you @AmericanB772! That’s so funny! If you like this event, I would love to have you at The Delightful Doha Flyout!

Oh sorry, didn’t see this edit. Sure!

Got one for you @NonStopsAviation!

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@Delta174J thanks for the offer but I’d rather take this

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Ah, of course (forgot Cal!)

Y’all know the drill. Tampa, for today.