The Mega Melbourne Fly-out

Basic event rules

Summary: Melbourne is a big city in Australia located not too far from Sydney. Melbourne airport isn’t as big as other Australia airports but it recently became 3d.

Server: Expert

Airport: YMML (Melbourne intl)

Time: 2:45 PM - 5:45 PM

Create Event function:

Ground: @frxnzy

Tower: @frxnzy

ATIS: @frxnzy

Gate assignments

  1. T1

  2. T2

@mis_6309 (Singapore 77W) to Singapore (WSSS)
@Munich453 (Qantas 789) to Los Angeles (KLAX)
@United403 (united 77W) to San Francisco (KSFO)
3. T3

  1. T4

NOTAMS: I am not responsible for any violations

If atc is not there use traffic properly

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You should add more pictures

True. I will

I’ll be there.

I just edited the times.

You should have posted this a lot earlier than 2 days before the event. People won’t have time to plan.

I know. My birthday is around that time so I’m sorry

I might join

Ok that sounds good. Thanks

I’ll take T2 D18 with a Singapore B77W operating to WSSS at 21:45Z please!

Ok. I’ll assign you in a minute

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Hi I might not come to this event. But if i do may I use a MAS A330-300

What terminal

I will fly to LAX

What plane and what terminal?

Boeing 787-9 Terminal 2

Ok got it thanks

Wait what airline

Qantas Airlines

Going To where?