The Mega Island Hop

Hello everyone! Over the next few days I will be doing a massive island hop that will take me through the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Aruba and the many other islands along the way. This Island hop will consist of over 30 routes! I will be posting updates and pictures along the way. Feel free to come join me along the way!

Flight Specifics

Server: Expert
Livery: Generic
Aircraft: A320, C208, E175, Q400

The Routes

If you would like to be tagged for a certain route, please let me know.

Thursday Routes
Route Livery Aircraft Flight Time Tags Status
MIA-FPO Generic Q400 2023-03-16T16:30:00Z Completed
FPO-NAS Generic Q400 2023-03-16T17:15:00Z Completed
NAS-HAV Generic A320 2023-03-16T17:45:00Z Completed
HAV-GCM Generic A320 2023-03-16T18:30:00Z Completed
GCM-MBJ Generic A320 2023-03-16T19:15:00Z Completed
MBJ-PLS Generic A320 2023-03-16T19:45:00Z Completed
PLS-PUJ Generic A320 2023-03-16T23:00:00Z Completed
PUJ-SJU Generic CRJ9 2023-03-17T00:00:00Z Completed
SJU-VQS Generic C208 2023-03-17T00:45:00Z Completed
VQS-CPX Generic C208 2023-03-17T01:15:00Z Completed
CPX-STT Generic C208 2023-03-17T02:00:00Z Completed

Friday Routes
Route Livery Aircraft Flight Time Tags Status
STT-STX Generic C208 2023-03-17T15:00:00Z Completed
STX-EIS Generic TMB9 2023-03-17T15:30:00Z Completed
EIS-NGD Generic TBM9 2023-03-17T16:00:00Z Completed
NGD-AXA Generic E175 2023-03-17T16:30:00Z Completed
AXA-SXM Generic E175 2023-03-17T17:00:00Z Completed
SXM-SBH Generic C208 2023-03-17T17:30:00Z @I_Ride_Southwest Completed
SBH-SAB Generic TBM9 2023-03-17T18:00:00Z Completed
SAB-EUX Any C172 2023-03-17T18:30:00Z Completed
EUX-SKB Generic C208 2023-03-17T19:00:00Z Completed
SKB-NEV Generic C208 2023-03-17T19:30:00Z Completed
NEV-MNI Generic C208 2023-03-17T20:00:00Z Completed
MNI-ANU Generic C208 2023-03-17T20:30:00Z Completed
ANU-PTP Generic E175 2023-03-17T21:00:00Z Completed

Saturday Routes
Route Livery Aircraft Flight Time Tags Status
PTP-DOM Generic E175 2023-03-18T14:30:00Z
DOM-FDF Generic E175 2023-03-18T15:15:00Z
FDF-UVF Generic C208 2023-03-18T16:00:00Z
UVF-SVD Generic C208 2023-03-18T16:30:00Z
SVD-CIW Generic C208 2023-03-18T17:00:00Z
CIW-UNI Generic C208 2023-03-18T17:30:00Z
UNI-GND Generic C208 2023-03-18T18:00:00Z
GND-PMV Generic A320 2023-03-18T18:30:00Z
PMV-LRV Generic A320 2023-03-18T19:30:00Z
LRV-BON Generic E175 2023-03-18T20:45:00Z
BON-CUR Generic E175 2023-03-18T21:15:00Z
CUR-AUA Generic E175 2023-03-18T21:45:00Z


ATC would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if interested at controlling an airport for a certain route(s).

Wish me Luck!


So u really did mean MEGA

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I sure did lol

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I might join u friday, also no school?


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MIA → FPO Completed!

After a 15 minute flight, the first leg is completed!

Next leg starts in 5 minutes!


Scratch that, ima join u today

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FPO → NAS Completed

The second leg is now completed after another 15 minute flight!

Spawning in for the next leg

@EnthusiasticAviation i don’t know what happened to your aircraft

actually joining after school, didn’t realize how late it was

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I get on the bus in 30

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NAS → HAV Completed

After a 30 minute flight, the third leg is complete! Thanks @EnthusiasticAviation for stopping by.

Next leg will be delayed 15 minutes


HAV-GCM & GCM-MBJ Completed!

The next two routes have been completed! Spawn in 15 minutes at MBJ if you would like to join the next route

I’ll be ready shortly (in 15 mins or so) so i’ll join in the next leg

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MBJ-PLS Completed!

After a 45 minute flight, the next leg has been completed! I will be taking a break from this hop and will be back to continue in a few hours!


Tag me for this pls?

Sure thing.

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How did you get that route map?

Good luck with the flights and enjoy the views

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I created the route but I used gc map

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