The Mega Irish Boeing 757 Group Flight - EGLL - EIDW

The rule is: Only Boeing Aer Lingus 757s - No Gate Assignments

Server: Expert Server

Date & Time it will be taking place: Tuesday August 22nd 2023 at 03:00PM in Paris France Real Time Zone

The Mega Irish Boeing 757 Group Flight - EGLL - EIDW will be departing from London Heathrow Airport (EGLL) and will be ending at Dublin International Airport (EIDW) will be flying only in Boeing 757-200s and only in Aer Lingus Livery

There will be 10 ATC Volunteers Needed and no Pilot Maximum I’ll reserve a spot for you if you want!

|ATC Position|Airport|ATC Controller User|
|ATS/ATIS|London H.||
|Departure|London H.||
|Ground|London H||
|Tower|London H.||
|Center|London H.||

|ATC Position|Airport|ATC Controller User|
|ATS/ATIS|Dublin Intl.||
|Ground|Dublin Intl.||
|Tower|Dublin Intl.||
|Approach|Dublin Intl.||
|Center|Dublin Intl.||

|B757-200|Aer Lingus|Dublin Intl.||
|B757-200|Aer Lingus|Dublin Intl.||



Let’s get the reservations going!

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maybe check out this

well, i guess no event?

@BenjiTheBull I have TL2 I know how to post events dw

Event Bump

He was just guiding you on how to potentially make the event more asthethically pleasing, and also the key information that is needed. Just because your TL2, doesn’t automatically mean that you know how exactly to make an event! Benji was just giving you some help.

Aight thanks

@MANDELA Would you like to join the event ?

I might, but you do know that the 18 November is way out of the 60 day period

well, you posted it wrong when i said that

So @BenjiTheBull would you like to join the event ?

So @MANDELA when shall I plan the event for ?

If you have read the link that @BenjiTheBull sent to you, it explains all the rules that you must follow when creating events. That will tell you

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Yes… that’s what I said

Read carefully @MANDELA

Yes. You can’t post events more than 60 days in advance. That’s why I said, outside of the 60 day period.

So once again @MANDELA when shall I plan the event for ?

You should organise it within 60 days from today

Can’t make it, sorry.