The meaning of "Flight"

Hello everyone @FedoraPilot here. If you already know this great! :) I’m going to teach you the meaning of the word Flight. Whenever I hear someone say “Can we do a flight?” I always think to myself. What does that person mean by flight?

  1. Does he want to go from one airport to another and leave?
  2. Does he want to go for a flight from one airport to another as a roundtrip.

Well, everyone looking at this post, what do you think the word Flight means? I already know the answer, but I’m not going to tell you YET. Just post down bellow, of what’s your opinion about the word flight. I recommend you guys to bookmark this topic so you can keep touch of the answer that will be revealed shortly.

  • I think the word Flight means to go from on airport to another and leave
  • I think the word Flight means to go for a flight from one airport to another as a roundtrip

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I woundnt say it would be a round-trip. That would mean you would also come back. Maybe just one-way. You could do either or.


Fly meaning is the verb action for fly in air


Neither of those options is the definition of flight.

Flight means the action or process of flying through the air.


a group of creatures or objects flying together, in particular.


It has nothing to do with flying from airport A to B. As long as you take off and fly around.

Its not like the Wright Bros. flew from airfield A to B

Flight is when you leave the ground and have a power to keep you up in the air. Also, if flight meant you had to land at an airport, a crash wouldn’t count as a flight and birds flying would not count as a flight.

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