The MD11 is not coming soon.

There has been so much hype about the MD11 lately, Just wanted to tell you guys that the so famous MD11 Post is from December 2011, and Matt commented on it in January 2012. So no, the MD11 wont come soon.

As you can see on this picture. The post is from 2011. Sure a lot of things has changed since.



You are very correct, but this should have gone in that thread :-)


Yea, just figured not anyone was on the thread ;)

We can still be excited, and he said its in review, doesn’t mean it won’t be coming soon! This was a waste of a thread. Just because you find a date doesn’t mean it won’t be coming soon… :-) we want a tri jet, and the more we ask for it, the more they become aware of it! Maybe after the Q-400!

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It is did you not hear the announcement?

Ummmm…But the community voted…And it won.

Ummmm…But this post was from before the vote.


Oh, I didn’t even bother to check the date. Lol. My bad. It just popped up in my feed.

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It is coming after global. Laura said the team is currently only working on Global.

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the team of FDS that are focusing on one thing (Global) . We wish The MD11 to coming soon.