The md11 in infinite flight

what do you guys think of the md11 in IF never flown it but thinking of doing a route one day?


The MD11 is quite the widebody in the sim and enjoyable to fly! Don’t be afraid of it, you can take it for a test flight on Solo before doing a proper route on Live.

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I fly MD-11 after 1 week lol

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I enjoy flying the MD-11 since it looks and flys nicely even with the retired liveries

I quite like it, pretty easy to land and really nice to have the newer features such as: APPR mode, working cargo doors, decent interior. Its also a butter Machine, I once got -4fpm in it.

I personally love it. It’s an absolute butter machine I love flying cargo routes in FedEx colors. It also one of the easiest planes to maintain centerline in.

In my experience, you have to set the final approach speed at 180kts, because it nosedives

Love this aircraft, it’s my main go to aircraft for an over night flight. In my opinion it’s definitely one of the best aircraft and I hope one day it will get a rework.

I think it is an amazing aircraft because of its unique shape and the 3rd engine at the back. Definitely, a fun one to fly! I hope I can fly it again soon.

It’s quite normal for the MD-11 and DC-10 to have a higher angle on the final, compared to aircraft. Around 6-7 degrees positive pitch with 60% trim and 140-150kts should work just as fine. (For me it does.

It does take a lot of practice, but it is a lot of fun to fly with it!

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