The McDonnel Douglas DC-10 and MD-11 Rework

What’s up trijet lovers? This topic is to request for a mass rework for the DC10 and MD11, maybe after the 777? The reason why I’m requesting for this is because in IF, we only have 2 trijets. I think these iconic and ‘ancient’ planes deserve more attention as Boeing and Airbus.


The DC-10 is a three engined plane (trijet) and has been flying even still up to today with its freighter version. The DC-10’s first flight was on August 28, 1970; with American Airlines being the first to purchase the planes. The DC-10 was Douglas’s response to Boeing’s 747, while Douglas designed it to be smaller for smaller airports, with less capacity, but a little more fuel efficient as it has 3 engines. The DC 10 could hold up to 380 passengers and it made was to mass travel.
The Loss of Faith
The DC-10 was the workhorse of many airlines and was featured in their air magazines often. “The pride of flying” they said. But a numerous amounts of incidents plagued the DC-10 causing the FAA to ground it. They later figured out it was a faulty cargo door that blew open. The problem was fixed and the DC-10 went back into service, but it couldn’t recover from the previous incidents.
Today the DC-10 is only flown by cargo companies with its freighter brother (DC-10F), and with militaries as an air refuel plane (KC-10 Extender [US]) The last commercial flight was on December 7, 2017 with Bangladesh Biman Air. Farewell.

The MD-11 wasn’t as iconic as the DC-10. The MD-11 was a revamped version with new and better features than the DC-10. It tried to show trijets were still promising, but the majority has focused on Boeing and the rising Airbus with their twin engine just which were more fuel efficient. Although the MD11 sold, it could never seem to grasp a spot on the market. Today only its freighter bro (MD-11F) fly today with cargo companies flying it. The last flight was with KLM on October 26, with KLM as it landed at Schiphol.

New (Cool) Features

Better Wingflex
Gear (Truck) Tilt
Live instruments
Live switches
Better Physics
Tail Logo Lights
Model Cabins
Aircraft Taxi Lights
More Camera Views
More Appreciation to Trijets
Check out those other features!

Requested Liveries

Thai Retro Livery
Heritage Livery
Lufthansa Livery
AA Retro Livery
Bangladesh Biman Livery
Korean Air Livery
Iberia Air Livery
The Iconic: Pan Am Air
Modern FedEx Livery
Aeromexico Livery
Hawaiian DC-10 Livery
Might add more
MD-11 House Colors
Retro FedEx Livery
“Deltaflot” MD-11 Livery
Philippine Air Livery
Martinair Cargo
KLM 95 Years MD11
Might add more

Hope you consider and leave a vote! It will be really appreciated.

Weren’t these just added like a year or two ago?


Actually 3!

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The quality of the aircraft itself doesn’t need to be updated, as it was developed relatively recently.


This aircraft was very recently added. I doubt they will rework this anytime soon. Sorry. :)

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I just think this plane deserves more attention. It’s overlooked all the time.

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These are recent jets…flight model is fine, it has wingflex, exterior model good…all this really needs is a cockpit rework for live instruments at best.


Also remember you can only have one feature request per thread so you might have to make a separate topic for each rework or vote on the ones linked by @Pingu.

I would like to see live instruments in ALL of the planes, but I guess we patiently wait! Another big reason the A321 is my favorite to fly in IF. I don’t enjoy having to rely specifically on the HUD, I enjoy looking around at the instruments. More realism for sure.

I would like more liveries for the passenger versions of both! So many missing gems for both–would make it a more flown aircraft i think!

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i do agree that it would be nice have a live cockpit BUT, there are many many many planes in need of urgent rework (A340,767,757 and more) so i think they should be prioritised over the DC-10 and MD-11.

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maybe an animated cockpit and a bit more liveries could be fine


Lately somehow I always imagined these two planes.

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Maybe they just need to animate the trim and the rims suspension as well animate the cockpit and new liveries.

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I’m all for a rework, but as others have said, all these aircraft really need are working instruments. The model (with an exception, note the center engine exhaust of the PW4000)as well as the physics are well developed.

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I wish they can add the old United livery to the dc-10 also. Engine sound is also different than the other aircraft

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Is truck tilt needed? I’d agree with adding a cabin and especially working instruments but I’m sure the rest of the MD11 would be up to current standards. Me thinks all it needs are working instruments for it to become up to standards. It’s quite a remarkable plane granted how overpowered it is, am wishing for working instruments by 20.2 or 21.1.


Yeah I can agree with that

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How about the older United livery for the dc-10 like the b777 has


Yeah but the rework cabin and instrument panel would take a lot less time than doing a total rework for like the b767 and etc.