The Maui Fly-In

Welcome to Beautiful Maui. The main airport here is called Kahului. This is the airport you would fly in to when coming to this Island. Because of the airport being in a Valley in between 2 mountains this airport can have very windy approaches. I hope you enjoy your tropical approach into Maui!

Gate Assignments:

Gate Airline Aircraft Departure Airport Flight Time User
Gate 1 American Airlines 777-200 Dallas(DFW) 8:21 @AmericanB772
Gate 5 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Honolulu 45 @bbb_aviation
Gate 7 Southwest Airlines 737-800 San Jose 5:35 @FSIN
Gate 9 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Las Vegas 6:15 @Jordan_Jacklin
Gate 11 Alaska Airlines 737-900 San Diego 5:58
Gate 13 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Portland 5:51
Gate 15 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle(SEA) 6:18
Gate 17 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Lihue 49 @United403
Gate 19 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Kona 36 @Edward929
Gate 21 American Airlines A321 Los Angeles(LAX) 5:29 @NAG1
Gate 23B WestJet Airlines 787-9 Calgary 6:30 @JayJayAviation
Gate 27 United Airlines 777 San Fransisco 5:40 @hypercharged
Gate 29 United Airlines 777-200 Denver 7:10
Gate 33 Delta Airlines A330-300 Atlanta 10:35
Gate 35 Delta Airlines A321 Seattle 6:18
Gate 39 Delta Airlines 767-300 Los Angeles(LAX) 5:20

ATC Assignments:
Ground: @Ryan_15
Tower: @Ryan_15
Kahului Approach: @Butter575
Honolulu Center: @jacrock


  • Please be realistic
  • Please listen to ATC
  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • Please look at the flight time above and plan your departure for the arrival in time of the event
  • Please De spawn after the event is ended
  • Have Fun!

this but on the A330-900

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I’ll try to make it.

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Can I have gate 1?

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This please

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Fly-in Bump

bbbbbbbbuuuuummmmppp :)
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Mahalo @Flyin.Hawaiian

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I’ll take WestJet to Calgary with a 787 instead of 737-800


I’ll take this

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roger that

I got this one!

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your signed up

umm… can i take this?

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of course you can welcome to the community too

Event is this weekend! Lets get some more signups

I’ll actually switch to center and if traffic gets bad I can vector some pilots

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sounds good

My flight got deleted?

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I’m sorry. I must have accidentally deleted it I will add it back

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