The Massive Munich Flyout!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Germany! Munich is the third-largest city in Germany, and is located in the southern portion of the country. Not only is this city home to the worlds largest beer festival, but is also home to Munich International Airport, which is the second-busiest airport in Germany! This airport is also a major hub for the country’s flag carrier airline; Lufthansa. Come join me for this massive German flyout!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: Munich International Airport (EDDM)
Date & Time: 2023-09-09T15:00:00Z

There are no longer any gate assignments for this event. This means that you can spawn for the event at any gate you’d like!

ATIS: @Chase
Ground: @Chase
Tower: @Chase


• I am not responsible for any violations issued during the event

• Follow all ATC instructions

• Act professionally throughout the event

• If ATC is not present use the traffic frequency correctly

• All of these rules apply to both commercial and GA aircraft

• Most importantly, have fun!

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This event is sponsored by Lufty Virtual!

Other Sponsors

Salt Lake City Flyout by @United403!

Salt Lake City Flyout

Please PM me if you are interested in sponsoring.

As always, please let me know if there’s anything I am missing. I hope to see you there!


I’ll take this before @MANDELA does

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I’ll sign you up!


I’ll take this but on an A321

You got it.


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I’ll take this please

I will get you all signed up!

249A Singapore Airlines A350 Singapore
I take this place.

@AaronCaleb great choice! I will sign you up.

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@ethollie2006 beat me to the Denver gate 🤣😭🤣
I’ll have this but to Denver


I’ll sign you up.

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i’ll have this

I’ll get you signed up!

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taking before its gone

@Cryptronic11 i’ve got you signed up!

Ich möchte dieses Tor bitte

I’ll take the 787 to Abu Dhabi.


Finally a good one