The Massive Bucharest Fly-OUT || @6APR24

Bucharest Fly-out

Welcome to the Bucharest

Welcome to the Bucharest, the capital city of Romania 🇷🇴! Bucharest it’s the most beautiful city in Romania and Europe !
The population of Bucharest is 3.5 million inhabitants and this city have the most important airport in the all country !
The airport is Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport , the biggest airport in the Romania, and the people love this airport !
Now in 2024 the company Hisky (company of Romania) launch direct flights to New York JFK !
And don’t forget in June 7th 2024 it’s the inaugural flight from Bucharest to JFK with Hisky A330-200 !


Terminal 1
Gates Aircraft Destination User
Gate 101 Tarom A318 London (LHR) @Ben_Walsh
Gate 102 ITA A320 Rome (FCO)
Gate 103 Wizz A320 Larnaca
Gate 104 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt
Gate 105 Wizz A321 Tenerife
Gate 106 El Al B737 Tel Aviv @deltaoutofdca
Gate 107 Air China A330-300 Beijing (PEK)
Gate 108 Bulgaria Air Sofia
Gate 109 Delta A350-900 New York (JFK) @Josh_Ellis
Gate 110 Tarom A318 Athens @whyevenbothernaming
Gate 111 Tarom A318 Vienna @Danil_Van_Laethem
Gate 112 Wizz A320 Dortmund
Gate 113 Wizz A321 Oslo
Gate 114 KLM B737-800 Amsterdam @Probin
Gate 115 Qatar Airways A319 Doha (DOH) @Apple_Haye
Gates Aircraft Destination User
Stand 223 LOT B737-800 Warsaw (WAW) @MarioIsaguirre
Stand 222 Aegean A320 Heraklion
Stand 221 Pegasus A320 Istanbul (SAW)
Stand 220 Lufthansa A320 Munich (MUC)
Stand 219 Ryanair B737-800 Vienna @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD
Stand 218 Ryanair B737-800 Vienna @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD
Stand 217 Ryanair B737-800 Vienna @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD
Stand 216 Ryanair B737-800 Vienna @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD
Stand 215 Ryanair B737-800 Vienna @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD
Stand 214 Ryanair B737-800 Vienna @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD
Stand 213 Fly Dubai Dubai (DXB)
Stand 212 Wizz A320 Milano
Stand 211 Ryanair B737-800 Lyon @CVG_Pilot
Stand 210 Tarom A318 Antalya
Stand 209 Lauda A320 Vienna
Stand 208 Ryanair B737-800 Tirana
Stand 207 Wizz A321 Copenhagen
Stand 206 Tarom A318 Budapest
Stand 205 Thai Airways A350 Bangkok @AirbusFan35
Stand 204 Vietnam Airlines B789 Hanoi (HAN)
Stand 203 Korean Air B789 Seoul (ICN)
Stand 202 Saudia B777-300ER Jeddah @Alieffio
Stand 201 Turkish Airlines A320 Istanbul (IST)

@Tianfei_Studio_TFSD LROP - LOWW


ATC Tower : @SamB777

ATC Ground : @SamB777

ATC ATIS : @SamB777

ATC Approach : N\A

ATC Departure : N\A

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I repost this event because it was a problem !!! Sorry ! Pls tap going for users that already have a gate for this event

@Ben_Walsh @deltaoutofdca @Josh_Ellis @whyevenbothernaming @Danil_Van_Laethem @Probin @Apple_Haye @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD @SamB777 @CVG_Pilot

I repost this event because it was a problem ! But anyway pls tap going on this event !


Well its fixed now amazing!

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Ok 👍🏼 !!!

Remember we’re flying and I’m not being atc anymore in that pm @Cristian_Buzoianu

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Unfortunately I cannot make it anymore :(

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i ca come!

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stand 202 please

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What destination do you want and what aircraft ?

saudia 777 to jeddah

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Ok, Saudia to Jeddah

You are sign up ! ⬆️

Stand 223 LOT B737-800 Warsaw (WAW) for me, please.

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Okkkkkkk ✔️

You are sign up !!⬆️

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I’ll try to make it, however it’s at 6:00 AM for me. I apologize if I’m not there with no word.
Just have my word now, I might not attend.

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1 hour left pls select your gate and your air raft in 50 minutes !!

Be ready @Alieffio @MarioIsaguirre @deltaoutofdca @DJW @CVG_Pilot @SamB777 @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD @probin in 40 minutes you can spawn !

You can spawn now guys ! @Alieffio @MarioIsaguirre @deltaoutofdca @DJW @Apple_Haye @CVG_Pilot @Josh_Ellis @Probin @SamB777 @Tianfei_Studio_TFSD @whyevenbothernaming @Danil_Van_Laethem @Ben_Walsh SPWAN NOW !!!

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