The Marines reactive the K1200

The Marines Kmax K1200s are officially back operational, Kaman Air Vehicles completed de-preservation efforts on the two K-MAX® helicopters and expect first flights in the coming weeks. These two USMC aircraft flew 33 months of unmanned operations in Afghanistan moving over 4.5 million pounds of cargo to remote locations! Out of the entire time the KMax served in Afghanistan there was only one incident.


That helicopter looks really weird lmao


They’re super cool, and they are the worlds quiet helicopter!

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The AH-1Z Viper without a cockpit lmao

It’s definitely proportionally, odd…

MaxSez: I remembers the old KMan Head Loper with its forward slopping intermeshed rotor system. So there back, similar to the old “Shuttering S### House”…in design. Good Show @RotorGuy
Semper Fi, Max

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