The Maple Syrup FlyOut! @CYYZ - 041800ZNOV18

I’ll fly the 717.

Alright thanks for letting me know.

B22, British Airways 747-400

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Got you down for B22, See you there!

2 Weeks until the event, plenty of gates still remain

Reserve your gate today!

Hi @EthanT2

Can I have an int’al AC gate for AC90 CYYZ-SBGL B789?
Planning to land a little before the event starts and leave at min 32 after its beginning, traffic allowing.
Let me know what your thoughts are.

Sounds Fine with me.

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Can I take Westjet at B5 to CYYC?

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Sure. Figured you might want that gate😂

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Gotta get the rep on WJVA, so better start doing this like nonstop for the next month so I can get to grade 4 lol
EDIT: WJVA1COO is my call sign

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I would like any Air Canada gate with this info:

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Alright, i’ll add that callsign for you. Oh, and check your dm.

I’ll get you down for gate 135. See you there!

Thank you! Callsign ACA7620 in an E170/175

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Ramp 601 FedEx to KMEM MD-11

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See you there!

The Event is 1 Week Away!

Reserve a gate today!

Can I get * Air Canada, 136, KSFO?

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Sure, what callsign will you have?

Sure, I’ll get you down for a passenger gate as your flying a passenger aircraft