The Maple Syrup FlyOut! @CYYZ - 041800ZNOV18

Event Info,

Hello community, I am holding my first ever event at my hometown airport CYYZ. The airport is relatively confusing with 5 runways, but only 3 are ever used on a regular basis (23, 05, 24R&L, 06R&L). Near CYYZ is Lake Ontario, making for scenic departures. I am extremely excited for this fly-out and hope you can attend!


Server: Training

Airport: CYYZ

Time: November 4, 2018 6:00 PM

NOTAM: *Please spawn in 15min before departure. This event will be held on training server so whoever wants to attend can (If your not on training server yet all it should take you Is a few more hours of flying :). However that still means that the event will be run as if it were on the expert server, so I expect everyone to behave properly and professionally. We will be departing either runway 23, 05, 24R, or 06L (depending on winds. Also, please maintain proper separation from the aircraft in front of you *

Commercial Gates

You can use whichever plane you would like, and any airline you’d like. If the airline you’d like is not on the list, please just let me know and I will add It. However, It would be nice If we kept this realistic, for example I would advise against flying a Lufthansa a340 to KJFK ;).

Domestic/ Canadian gates

  • Westjet, B2A, CYHM, @FINNWINGS
  • Westjet, B2C, KMIA
  • Westjet, B3, TNCM
  • Westjet, B4, KLAS
  • Westjet, B5, CYYC,
  • Westjet, B11, KLAX
  • Westjet, B12, CYWG
  • Westjet, B13, CYVR
  • Westjet Encore, B14A, KBOS
  • Westjet Encore, B15, KBNA

More gates will be added If neccesary

Air Canada gates

  • Air Canada, 131, KPIT, @KPIT,
  • Air Canada, 132, KPIT, @Trevor_A,
  • Air Canada, 133, KPIT @anon87102400
  • Air Canada, 134, KMIA, @FuZion_Sami
  • Air Canada, 135, KDCA @baseball_inferno
  • Air Canada, 136, KSFO @cbrooks531,
  • Air Canada, 137, CYEG
  • Air Canada, 138, KDEN
  • Air Canada, 139, KIAH
  • Air Canada, 171 (Heavy), CYVR, @EthanT2,
  • Air Canada, 172 (Heavy), MDPC, @Lukas_Becker
  • Air Canada, 173 (Heavy), ZSPD
  • Air Canada, 174 (Heavy), LFPG
  • Air Canada, 175 (Heavy), SBGL, @Cpt_Caveman
    More gates will be added If necesarry

American/ Delta/ United gates

  • American, B7D, KCLT
  • American, B7E, KDFW
  • Delta, B7F, KATL @CursedHorror
  • Delta, 8, KMSP, @Tnel
  • United, 9, KORD
  • United, 10A, KEWR

More gates will be added If necesarry

International Gates

  • Lufthansa, 176, EDDF, EDDM
  • Emirates, 177, OMDB
  • Egypt Air, 178, HECA
  • Ethiopian, 179, HAAB
  • Eva Air, 180, RCTP
  • LOT Polish, 181, EPWA
  • Turkish Airlines, 168, LTBA
  • Air France, B19, LFPG
  • Alitalia, B20, LIRF
  • British Airways, B22, EGLL @wynnster8
  • Cathay Pacific, C29, VHHH
  • Etihad Airways, C30, OMAA, @jjames
  • KLM, C31, EHAM
  • Korean Air, C35, RKSI
  • Philippine Airlines, C36, RPLL
  • Pakistan, C32, OPIS
  • Wow Air, C29, BIKF, @Plane-Train-TV
  • Icelandair, C24, BIKF
  • Caribbean Airlines, B23, TTPP, @rileymoyer

_More gates will be added If necesarry

Cargo/ GA Gates

These gates will act for anyone wanting to take a spin in a TBM, Or deliver some cargo!

  • GA 01, CYKF, @Cian_O_Sullivan
  • GA 02,
  • GA 03,
  • GA 04,
  • GA 05,
  • Cargo Ramp 601, KMEM @EverettM
  • Cargo Ramp 602, KSDF
  • Cargo Ramp 603, KIAH
  • Cargo Ramp 604, EDDF
  • Cargo Ramp 605, MMMX

(Common cargo destinations from CYYZ)

More gates will be added If necesarry


It would be very appreciated If we could get a ground, tower, and/ or departure for the time of the event.

If you have any questions, please PM me, I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Please leave what airline/ gate you would like, and your callsign.


Can I have any of the Air Canada Gates for an RJ down to KPIT? Call sign TFC-012

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Sure, I’ll give you Gate 131, See you there!

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I’ll take an RJ gate to KPIT right next to @KPIT please call sign VGVA


Got you down for gate 132 beside @KPIT


Gates have now been given recommended destinations (These are just recommendations you do not have to follow them:)

Reserve your gate today!

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could I have the crj2 over to KPIT I hope to fly with @KPIT and @Trevor_A

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Sure, looks like that KPIT route is quite popular😂


Heck yeah join the party

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That’s what we do here at KPIT… 😉


I live 40 mins from KPIT and fly out of there a lot

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Ok, here’s the plan, we’re all going to copy @Trevor_A’s flight plan, and since he will inevitably go to the wrong runway, or do the approach wrong, I can yell at him! Fun! 😂


OOH, he’s about to get TRIGGERED!


Dang we got the STARs comin up right now to make sure we do the right runway and approachs. Bro I’m about to show you guys how to fly


Darn, well then, no yelling I guess, just boring, realistic, buttered landings…

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So boring…


Oh… I’ll make it fun😉

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my landings usually aren’t buttered


Take the waypoints for the penguins, then the one named after a fish store…

(Actually those are out of our way unless we are going to runway 32…


Well with Trevor leading us, and APPR enabled, we can’t lose!