The main reason of why I like 3D airports

The reason for why I enjoy 3D airports is because they not only enhance the flight is that they make it a lot easier to navigate the airports and find gates and so on because they provide a visualization of what the airport looks like in relation to other landmarks of the airport.
Another reason and I don’t think I’m the only one here who enjoys this, but I love the amount of detail that the developers put into everything, from airport characteristics to a simple button on a belt loader. In fact sometimes I just hop into a 3D airport just to marvel at everything.
Even though the population of 3D airports is still small compared to the rest of the airports I still appreciate and notice the small details that make a big difference in each flight in their work in growing Infinite Flight.


I agree with all of these statements, the attention to detail from the devs is crazy!


Its literally a “game changer” addition and has a major impact on how I plan flights. I’m no plane spotter and have no interest in real world flight schedules, gate assignments and all that, but the 3D airports bring the whole "pretending to operate an aircraft " thing to life!

Previously after flying over lovely terrain and an exciting approach through valleys and over rivers etc, the anticlimax of finding an empty space to park in a vast void of empty space was obvious. Now the parking has become part of the experience.

I still have a small laugh when people, quite seriously, post shots of their planes meticulously parked at (for example) “Gate 22b” at KORD, a giant empty field of tarmac and grass…😉 …move on nothing to see here.

Well now, show me your plane perfectly parked with buildings and jet bridge, vehicles, carts etc all around and you’ll definitely get a like 👍


Totally agree! Those 3D airports give more sense in navigating in the airports and don’t get lost.


Given the fact that I’m now able to find a gate that fits the aircraft is amongst all the other benefits coming along with 3D airports. I enjoy every single piece that is modeled by the incredible 3D aiport team. Keep up the good work guys.

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I like them because

They light up at night
Makes the airport easier to navigate
Makes the game more realistic


I agree with you 100%, imagine when taxiway lights come and all lights actually work.

When that happens eventually night flying becomes so much more enjoyable.

But in all fairness buildings (and clouds) have made so big difference!


I find the 3D airports enjoyable because using the wing view on the A330 as you takeoff looks way more realistic.

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It sure does!

I totally share your sentiment. Not to mention how far easier it is to taxi with 3D references—especially to the gate—in conjunction with the taxiway map. I recall how tedious it was having to use the free cam to effectively navigate the airport… It’s absolutely marvelous how far the sim has come.


instead of checking the map all the time lol

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Agreed. It just makes it so much better. I always underestimated how awesome it would be to have buildings but these ones look great and they add a level of realism

Although I can barely takeoff without the app crashing when it’s busy 😂


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