The Magnificent Nordic Trip! ❄️ 🥂 (Virtual Tripreport)

Hello fellow aviators,

The following flights that i will do will be “trip reported” each one here on IFC. Hope you will enjoy them, have a nice long read.

The beginning of everything (LoL)

So yeah, basically i was in France for my vacation, far away of dear home → Space Coast, FL. Then,my brain 🧠, told me, “Why don’t you make a challenge for coming home, like flying from Tokyo to your little house in FL”. This is not a problem at all right? Everyone is having ideas. The problem is that i agreed with my brain’s idea. So that’s why you will find the following route across nearly half of the Globe for coming home instead of a 9h little flight. SO i went to a wheel draw, With EVERY USA states. And then the wheel choosed , North Dakota. Ok,after i searched “best city in north Dakota” . It was Fargo . Ok, so i need a flight from Lyon to Home, passing by Fargo 🤣.

LH2253 , LYS-MUC, CRJ900 (Today’s first tripreport) 🗿

UA952 MUC-ORD , B787-9 (Business)

UA4778, ORD-FAR (Economy)

The return flights:

AA3373 FAR-DFW , E175L ( Economy)

AA1672 DFW-MCO , A321-100 (Business)

Let’s get started with the first flight 🥂✈️✈️:

My flight was planned departing at 6:30 AM, so i departed my Hotel at 5:10 AM. Thanks Lufthansa for putting Morning flights Friday 😭. Anyway i arrived at the airport at 5:30, a good hour before departure, like that i can Access the lounge 😎😎. Their was nobody at the check in ✅, nobody at the security ✅! I was airside at 5:45.

The Lounge
I headed to The “Mont Blanc” 🏔️ lounge at T2 that has just opened few minutes ago and thanks to my Star Alliance statue with United, i entered it and was first inside. It was very clean (since that just opened) , and there was plenty of choice of food 🥨🥪, non and alcohol drinks, but don’t worry i took a sparkling water and a croissant 🥐, filled with chocolate inside. 🍫. After i realized that it was 6:10 , i rushed to the gate right on time for the call 🤙🏻. I boarded the aircraft by groupe 2 .

View from my seat 23F: (will review the seat later)

We pushbacked on time, but we waited 5 more minutes for a BA A320 to push back right in front of us 😢.

The Flight

Liftoff like a Falcon 9 🚀🚀🚀, i felt that power with this engine roaring right next to my hear! What a sound and experience!

Climbing,while avoiding Lyon city

Cruising at FL300, let’s take a look at the seat, first of fall, in front of me, there is a pocket that contains the safety features card, a sick 🤢 bag and finally the new Lufthansa buy on board system “Onboard Delight” , available for only 1H+ flights. It was available on our, cuz it was 1h20 flight. The things there were expensive a bit, i mean 8$ for a sandwich 🥪… . I bought a ☕ to have the maximum on board experience and will do that on all the following flights to rate them correctly ;). ( Coffee costed me 5$) . It was really nice and tasty coffee, love it! 🤠 .
The tray table was big enough, legroom was totally OK for an hour flight. No WIFI onboard was available and no USB port :(. Be sure to charge your phone 📱 before flying here! (PS: crew offered two Lufthansa chocolate 🍫 and a bottle of water during flight too).

Alps, Alps and alps…

The beginning of horror

As the descent started i realized that there was a problem, cloud and clouds were appearing, more and more as we were approaching MUC ☠️, then we got moderate turbulence, then strong. Everything was moving people were screaming, engines were struggling the crosswind 💨💨. Then it started to rain 🌧️🌧️☔ and visibly was reduced to 700m.

Finally coming for landing 🛬:

Where’s the runway bro?

And then all of sudden, ground appeared and i heard the engines pulling as hell, we were going around!!! Not a nice experience, right next to the engines 😅.

Right next , the kind crew members explained the situation and calmed everyone. The pilot told us in the mic 🎙️, that there was 29 gusting crosswind and low visibility. That’s the cause of the going around.

2nd attempt successful, everyone applauded 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

Respect to the pilot.

After that we taxiied to our remote stand? Oh no, i will be drained in water 💦💦 .

We landed 18min late and were at the gate 25min late. This won’t impact my connection flight with United that departs at 11:30am. (It was 8h27) .

Last view bye bye D-ACNX.

Now let’s hope in the bus, to T2 for the passport 🛂 control and my next flight … But this is a secret 🤐. Will i made it? Is the flight on time? We will see in next episode :).

Ratings (out of 5 for each part)

LYS Airport:

9/10 → a pleasant airport in the morning, but if crowded can easily become a hell. The lounge was perfect.

Crew: 4/5 , what a wonderful crew we had this morning 🌅, kind, smiling 😁. But i never saw them during flight, little sad.

Seat: 4/5 A solid product in term of sear they offer in their CRJ900 for a 1-2H flight is perfect, but for more?

Food: 5/5 only a coffee ☕, but yeah it was so tasty, one of the best coffee in the sky! The water was nice, i mean it’s water 💦 right? Chocolate were OK .

Intertainment: 2/5 , that’s the leak. No wifi, no usb port. Only magazine for entertaining you onboard.

Punctuality : 3/5 , for 400$ , could expect a food included, other than water and chocolate 🍫 lol.

Global :18/25 . What an enjoyable experience in Lufthansa, however they still need to improve in some little points as you saw. Definitely will fly with them if coming back to Europe one day, to see what they can offer in long haul.

See y’a on United business for the next tripreport!

Do you enjoyed reading this? Do you love the style of writing and history? Let me know below 👇🏻!. For improving in the future and next tripreport!




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