The Magnificent Myrtle Beach Flyout! (Departed)

@Wonderousbuilder641 that is so appreciated!!!

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Let’s get some signups going today!

Let’s get a few more signups!

@Klas892 I accidentally removed you from the “going” list, sorry.

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Sign me up please.

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Sure, I’ll get you signed up!

Can we change it to A320

its ok! i dont mind that much

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Unfortunately remote #2 is too small for an A320, which is why I had to assign a CRJ-200 :(

How about the crj 900 instead because I want to do something for AAVA

I’ll put you down with the -900 but if it doesn’t fit on event day, just go with the -200 because they both have the American eagle livery.

4 gates left. Let’s completely fill Myrtle Beach!

Anyone volunteering for ATC?

Can i take this one?

Sure, I’ll sign you up.

May I please secure a route to Burbank in the E175 Tulip please?

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Can I please be removed? I unfortunately can’t

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Sorry you can’t make it @United403.

@EnthusiasticAviation, the E175 won’t fit at 09 but I can get you down at 51 if you want.


The event is officially two weeks out!!

Does anyone want to sign up today?

Event bump!

I am so sorry but unfortunately I will not be able to join.

Oh that’s a bummer :(

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