The Magnificent Myrtle Beach Flyout! (Departed)

I’ll get you signed up!

Is it possible to sponcor the event

By that do you mean you want to list some of your events here?

You advertise my event on here and I’ll do the same with yours on mine

Alright, that’s a deal. I’ll advertise for some of your events probably tomorrow afternoon.

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Event Announcement

The Myrtle Beach Flyout has a new sponsor, @United403! Be sure to check out some of his events listed below 👇

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@Wonderousbuilder641 that is so appreciated!!!

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Let’s get some signups going today!

Let’s get a few more signups!

@Klas892 I accidentally removed you from the “going” list, sorry.

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Sign me up please.

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Sure, I’ll get you signed up!

Can we change it to A320

its ok! i dont mind that much

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Unfortunately remote #2 is too small for an A320, which is why I had to assign a CRJ-200 :(

How about the crj 900 instead because I want to do something for AAVA

I’ll put you down with the -900 but if it doesn’t fit on event day, just go with the -200 because they both have the American eagle livery.

4 gates left. Let’s completely fill Myrtle Beach!

Anyone volunteering for ATC?

Can i take this one?

Sure, I’ll sign you up.

May I please secure a route to Burbank in the E175 Tulip please?

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